Five Minutes with a 15-Month Old

Five minutes with a 15-month old is a lot like jumping in a pool. You never know what you’re going to get; warm or cold water.









One: strolling through the house.







Two: crying on the floor.







Three: Pose in front of the window.






Four: walking around with a lanyard as a necklace.







Five: Smile for the camera; without the lanyard.







Six: Happy baby. Back at the window.







Seven: Playing with a window.







Eight: What ya doing, mama?







Nine: Maaaad!

Following a 15-month old around the house is quite the treat. You never know what you’ll get. Now that I share a house with a 16-month old, I wonder how different that adventure will be!

What funny things does your toddler do?

1 thought on “Five Minutes with a 15-Month Old

  1. I liked this post – I can relate! We are just getting into the emotions of toddlerhood. I swear some days it’s like living with tiny drunk, bi-polar people. Good thing they’re so darn cute!

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