My Message to all the Migraines Lingering

Dear searcher, I mean friend, who “went to bed with a migraine and woke up with my ear popped,”
I am so sorry that you had to experience more pain with a migraine. I was just saying, “self, I think everyone is sick of hearing about your migraines.” And then, POOF!, I saw that you were a friend in need. Well, friend, what is up with the migraines?! I mean, at this point I’ve had more migraines than “normal” days over the past month. In fact, I’m downright sick of them! I had two great posts forming in my head yesterday and I was ready to put fingers to keyboard today. Instead? I have a wordblocking migraine. AGAIN! So, to all the ear popping, neck hurting, eyeball wincing migraines out there, I say – LEAVE US ALONE! It’s the holiday season. We have too much to do. We don’t have time for laying on the couch or moaning into our pillows. We have cookies to bake! Presents to wrap! Pictures to take! Envelopes to address! And gifts to buy! To all my fellow sufferers, here’s wishing you a healthy 2012!

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