#Winning at Life


If you’re around the Twitter world, you’re familiar with the phrase. If something goes your way, you may use the hashtag #winning. If something doesn’t go your way, you may use the hashtag #fail.

It’s a perception. Sometimes it can be crippling and hold you back. Other times it can help you keep that positive attitude.

This holiday season has been full of The Sick and The Headaches. I haven’t felt much like I’ve been #winning. What I’ve been feeling has been more #surviving than anything else. Making it through each work day and each night at home. Not having a whole lot to show for it. And not having a whole lot of energy to change much.


This weekend and in one spontaneous moment I decided I was going to take control of my weekend. I had been looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. Propelled by someone’s tweet of cleaning, I made a list of things I wanted to get done. The list started out as a Christmas accomplishment list. Then, I realized that I could multi-task and do laundry at the same time. Then, I remembered that there was dust that kept eyeballing me from across the room. I made a manageable list for Saturday and at 10:00 a.m., I started tackling the list. By the end of Maximus’ nap at 3, I had accomplished it all and some. What had started as a list, ended as a deep clean of the house, room-by-room.

What I hadn’t written on my Saturday to-do was blogging. But, it was in the back of my mind the whole time. I turned my computer on, sat down and Maximus started talking over the monitor. Oh well. I shut it down and opened a book instead. I spent the next 30 minutes with my feet up reading. As Maximus woke up, I rejuvenated myself with a little pampering. I started out my weekend thinking that I’d spend my morning getting a pedicure. Instead, I worked my body to the bone. Ironically, both feel equally as amazing. On the one hand, I saved my money. And on the other, my house is clean and it feels awesome to fall asleep at night knowing that.

I didn’t just spend Saturday #winning. I spent Sunday #winning also. It was a different kind of winning. It involved meal planning for the week, an afternoon movie, a trip to the grocery store, homemade supper, dessert made for my work treat day, Christmas cards designed, blog writing, a glass of wine, and some Dexter.

I think I finally found the formula for a successful weekend. I used to think it was being lazy and relaxing. Now I know that my perfect weekend is doing something that makes me feel good about myself and my surroundings. Some weekends it may mean being productive and cleaning or cooking. Other weekends it may be doing something fun as a family. For me, it’s about deciding what I want out of my weekend {or life} and then doing it.

How do you feel like you’re #winning?


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  2. […] And then I came home. I came home to ingredients. A husband putting aside ingredients for supper. The meal I was planning on making. Then we got into an awkward rythmn of mixing things and picking up a whiny toddler and dumping things into a skillet and reading the recipe. It was frustrating and difficult and annoying. It was not the pleasant cooking experience I was looking forward to. It was complicated. Time was ticking away. Ticking away towards a toddler meltdown and ticking away towards my husband’s departure. In the end, Maximus very much enjoyed the almond chicken stir-fry, Bryan left to play volleyball before eating, and I cleaned up the mess that was my kitchen. After the unsettling cooking experience of two cooks in the kitchen, I knew I couldn’t leave the mess until after bedtime. It would only add to the unsettling feeling I already had. Throw in a little plate and milk throwing and a dog who was very interested in the toddler meal. I couldn’t figure out how to #win. […]

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