We’ve been waiting for this

Spring is starting to show in Iowa! I’ve lived here my whole life, but every year the winter gets to me. I don’t do well with being cold. It makes me want to hunker down under sweats and a warm blanket and be lazy. Spring and summer, well, they motivate me. I want to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. I want to soak it all in. {Note: if I want a picture, I will use it even if you ruin it. Ah-em.}


Temperature ranges this week have been 20s in the morning to 40s in the afternoon. We’ve got high hopes of hitting 60 in the next few days. My excitement is hard to contain. I can feel it in every step. The happiness is bouncing around in my head. There is so much excitement and anticipation. So much that I keep wondering what exciting thing is happening during the evenings. Then, I realize nothing is on the schedule. It’s the weather that is doing that to me! After a bad winter, a weekend of 50s and 60s doesn’t seem possible. Playing outside! Sidewalk chalk! Walks! Bikes! Grilling! There’s so much to look forward to and we can’t wait.


Last night was a little crisp, but we ventured out on our first walk of the season. As we talked on the way home from daycare, Maximus got really excited about taking Wrigley for a walk too. As soon as we got home, he got Wrigley’s leash and hopped in his cart (aka, an umbrella stroller) and off we went.


If I was a really good Pinterester and we had a mission statement for our family, it would read: Must Go On Walks. It’s our center. It brings us down from the stresses of every day life. It quiets the mind and mouth (and tears!). It’s a breathing period for us all. We share it together, but it’s also a chance for us all to reflect and start again. It’s what keeps us all sane and happy.


It’s springtime in Iowa. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. You’ll surely see my family walking the streets. The dog zig-zagging his way down the path. The toddler waving at cars and yelling, “hi cars! bye cars!” The daddy protecting us from big dogs. And, the mommy wearing the tired baby bear who can’t keep his eyes open.

It’s springtime in Iowa and we can’t wait to get out there and play!

Dear Baby Leger

Dear Little Baby Leger,

This weekend was your first family walk. And it was the first outing of the spring season. It may not actually be spring yet, but you’ll soon learn that in the midwest we take advantage of those “warm” days. We didn’t see any sunshine, but that didn’t stop our family from enjoying the fresh air.

This guy will become your walking partner in crime (and life). I expect him to struggle with adjusting to your stroller; then I hope he doesn’t trip you when you begin walking with us (sometimes he catches  a scent and does crazy zig zags across the sidewalk); and I know you two will both find amazing treasures along our way. I hope you grow to enjoy these walks as much as the rest of the family.

This week has been another exciting one for our family. We’ve watched my tummy continue to grow and continue to dream about what you’re up to. Just this morning I asked what Baby Leger does while I’m at work. I decided that you are probably practicing your backstroke so you can be a strong swimmer when you come out. It’s probably a good idea because Leger’s sure do love their water.

This weekend you also got to enjoy lots of movie theater popcorn! I’m not sure how much you enjoyed it because I was very uncomfortable for the last half of the movie. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and couldn’t sit without holding my stomach under my ribcage. I’ll take note that you’d prefer that I eat more than just pancakes and popcorn. I know it wasn’t the caffeine that you didn’t enjoy. That stuff is luxury where  you’re at. I’m sure you know a good thing when you get it. 

According to the professionals, you are 5 inches long and weighing in around 5 ounces. I look forward to next month when we’re able to see a picture of you and can start planning your welcome into our world. This week I’ve been enjoying peanut butter and jelly bagels, string cheese, milk, and yogurt. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am. I’m sure my doctor will be happy to hear that I’ve finally started gaining weight. Three pounds isn’t much when she wants me to gain 25-40, but we had to start somewhere.

Here’s to another good week with energy, restful nights, and stressfree days.