Dear Baby Leger

Dear Little Baby Leger,

This weekend was your first family walk. And it was the first outing of the spring season. It may not actually be spring yet, but you’ll soon learn that in the midwest we take advantage of those “warm” days. We didn’t see any sunshine, but that didn’t stop our family from enjoying the fresh air.

This guy will become your walking partner in crime (and life). I expect him to struggle with adjusting to your stroller; then I hope he doesn’t trip you when you begin walking with us (sometimes he catches  a scent and does crazy zig zags across the sidewalk); and I know you two will both find amazing treasures along our way. I hope you grow to enjoy these walks as much as the rest of the family.

This week has been another exciting one for our family. We’ve watched my tummy continue to grow and continue to dream about what you’re up to. Just this morning I asked what Baby Leger does while I’m at work. I decided that you are probably practicing your backstroke so you can be a strong swimmer when you come out. It’s probably a good idea because Leger’s sure do love their water.

This weekend you also got to enjoy lots of movie theater popcorn! I’m not sure how much you enjoyed it because I was very uncomfortable for the last half of the movie. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and couldn’t sit without holding my stomach under my ribcage. I’ll take note that you’d prefer that I eat more than just pancakes and popcorn. I know it wasn’t the caffeine that you didn’t enjoy. That stuff is luxury where  you’re at. I’m sure you know a good thing when you get it. 

According to the professionals, you are 5 inches long and weighing in around 5 ounces. I look forward to next month when we’re able to see a picture of you and can start planning your welcome into our world. This week I’ve been enjoying peanut butter and jelly bagels, string cheese, milk, and yogurt. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am. I’m sure my doctor will be happy to hear that I’ve finally started gaining weight. Three pounds isn’t much when she wants me to gain 25-40, but we had to start somewhere.

Here’s to another good week with energy, restful nights, and stressfree days.

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