Keeping busy, also known as nesting

The Leger house has been pretty busy lately. Preparing for little brother and taking care of the normal household duties leaves little time left for “fun” things like writing. In the past couple of weeks Bryan has painted the nursery, put the crib together, painted the boys’ bathroom, we’ve bought new living room furniture, and Bryan has built towel racks for the boys’ bathroom. Ok, so it sounds more like he’s been busy! 🙂 I can’t help it that he’s the painter or the builder in the house, but I was very involved in picking out the couches and end tables.

Bryan and I both hit the nesting phase. Not surprisingly, we’re both going different directions. He’s spent the week taking loads to Goodwill and the dump. He’s gotten rid of old couches, a ping pong table, A LOT of electronics, and some clothes. His way of nesting is to rid the basement of clutter and get it organized so he can start finishing it. My way of nesting is to get all of those “things” done around the main part of the house, like painting, a toy storage compartment for the living room, new dining room table, and mud room organization systems.

The nursery is still missing some vital pieces. Our dresser just came in, but the changing table is on backorder and no one knows when it’ll arrive. It’s no big deal because we have a changing table in Maximus’ room, but both of them are dual purpose changing tables and storage so I’d like to be able to put things in it. I haven’t decide what decorations I’m going to do in the nursery, but that’s kind of my style. With five weeks to go, I need to pull the trigger and start buying things like a lamp, diaper caddy, elephant wall art, and maybe some window treatments.

Our living room isn’t finished yet. We’re picking out a storage ottoman, a couple of chairs, and an end table. We’ve really changed the layout of our living room and I’m excited about the change so far, but can’t wait to see the end result! I have an image in my mind and it wasn’t something that I’d ever considered in MY living room so I’m excited to have that become our house. 🙂 Have you bought new furniture and been surprised by how different they are from the floor models? This sectional was SUPER soft at the store, but is very firm in the new model. I can’t imagine the number of people who had to sit on the floor model in order to make it that different than the new. While it’s vastly different, I love it. Bryan is getting used to it and deciding if he likes it or not. {I’m afraid for him to not like it. It took us sooo long to pick this out!} One of my favorite aspects is that I don’t have to haul myself out of the couch! Being almost 9 months pregnant makes it hard to get around. Getting off a couch can be the most annoying thing and I love that I can just pop right up. And, there’s so much room that we’re all able to snuggle together.

Of course, waiting for over five years makes me even happier to have something new now. The waiting and saving was worth it when we walked in, paid for it in full, and walked out. There are some months that I get frustrated that we are choosing to put most of our paycheck into savings and I’d rather buy some “fun” things. Instead, I’m sitting on my new couch and fully enjoying the benefits of not having a financial attachment to it. I guess the saving and budgeting is worth it!

Next up, a new kitchen table! I haven’t been waiting five years for that, but we’re both ready to get something new and finish out our living room / dining room make-over. Do you think I’ll be so lucky to pick something that is in stock again? I was spoiled on the two week delivery wait for the sectional.

What is it about having a baby that makes a woman get antsy about doing EVERYTHING?! Here’s to a productive five weeks, because after that it’s going to be a while before I get anything together, including housework. 🙂

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