The naming game continues

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, I love this two year old. He’s so much fun. He’s constantly doing something. I hear boys are busier than girls, but I doubt there’s much difference at this age. I’m sure a two year is a two year old, taking in the world and trying to do it all.

We’ve been having a lot of fun at the dinner table. It’s become one of my favorite times of the day. We talk about our days, Maximus talks about random things, and we get to enjoy everything that makes up a two year old, including the manners and the mess.

As we’ve been trying to decide on a name, we like to ask Maximus for his opinion. {We keep coming back to the same one. Maybe it’s a sign.} Months ago, during an afternoon snack, Maximus proclaimed that we should name little brother “cracker!” Guess what he was eating? 🙂 We decided not to let his opinion weight too much into the decision…

Most of his recent suggestions are answered in the form of another question. “Little brother ARE you?” {One of these days he’ll include WHERE and I’ll probably cry.} I have no idea what he thinks little brother is, but he’s constantly asking where he is. Sometimes he’s satisfied with the answer of “in mommy’s belly.” Other times that’s the wrong answer. He knows the baby clothes belong to little brother and the room is little brother’s, but the who may be a little confusing. Another little boy at daycare is having a little brother also. When we talk about his little brother Maximus agrees with you and then abruptly changes his mind. “Mine little brother.” FYI, two year olds can be a little possessive.

Months ago we realized the best time to work on saying his name was during meals. We have his focus and then he’s absently eating his food. We have family pictures that he can see from the table so he used to spend a lot of time telling us who was in the pictures. He’s gotten really good at his own name, “Mack-eh-MUS.” The poor little dude had to take a big breath before he could work on the second half. Now he’s pretty fluid, but he still pronounces it the same way. It’s pretty awesome and adorable to hear him say his own name! 🙂

This weekend, Bryan asked him what we should name little brother. He’s been responding with a consistent name recently that is very similar to his own name. {Can’t tell you because we might us it for something.} This night he said a different name. “Mack-eh-mus.” Apparently when naming your little brother after yourself, you remove the emphasis in their name. We repeated to him, “you want to name little brother Maximus?” “No, mine Mack-eh-MUS.” I guess he decided it wasn’t a good idea to name his little brother after himself. Next up was, “little brother ARE you?” Maybe he’s not really asking where little brother is but rather WHAT are you? Too soon he’ll know and probably wish he didn’t know…

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