Our venture with potty training

3 thoughts on “Our venture with potty training”

  1. I don’t have any advice but I love reading about your potty training antics 🙂 It’s in our future so I wanna read up as much as I can before we start trying. Good luck!


  2. I can proudly say Bella (2 years 4 months) has been potty trained for about a month and has been completely diaper free (bedtime and all) for a week. I know girls are easier but our biggest success was not asking Bella if she had to go but telling her to make sure she let us know when she had to go. It was a long process…..they sat on the potty every 2 hours (every diaper change) at daycare since she was 2. We noticed that she was often times dry so we took one weekend and just did it! She caught in really fast and has only had 2 accidents ever. I found she got mad at us when we were asking her every so often if she had to go so we stopped that. And, Bella didn’t like the little potty so she had to use the big potty and that was much better! I have heard from many parents that boys are easier in the spring/summer because they can go outside. Sounds strange but it works! Like you said, it might be early but there is no harm in trying! Maybe try every weekend? Repetitiveness might be key! Good luck! It’s frustrating at first but so rewarding in the end!


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Marissa! I knew she was potty trained but it’s nice to hear how others do it. I know he’ll be potty trained eventually, I just hoped I could make it sooner than later. Oh well! I know we made some good progress last weekend and hopefully we’ll continue to build on that.


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