The post-pregnancy weight battle

This last pregnancy went fast. I expected that but didn’t think it would go nearly as quick as it did. I feel a little guilty because I didn’t document it like I did my first pregnancy. All my pictures were from my phone and taken in my gloomy bedroom. No fancy camera and no Photoshop to document the number of weeks. Foreshadowing to the future…yes, probably.

Weight gain was another one of those things that I didn’t pay attention to. I popped earlier than my first pregnancy so I started out a little nervous about weight gain. I didn’t get on the scale at home, but at my last appointment {37 weeks} I was told I’d gained 27 pounds. I’d have to look back and see what I gained with Maximus, but I think it’s around that same number.

Thirteen days after Quinten was born, it seemed like the weight was coming off quickly so I got on my scale. I was doing the typical, pee ALL.THE.TIME. but thankfully I wasn’t waking up covered in sweat. {Yah, post-pardum awesomeness!} I was surprised to see I had lost 24 pounds in the first two weeks! I’m not sure how or why I lost it so quickly this time. I’m still three pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and another five that I never lost after Maximus. So there’s that. And my body temperature has since gone up. Every time Quinten wakes me up at night I realize that it’s HOT in our room. Apparently sleeping for two hours at a time means I don’t wake enough to take covers off, instead I roast under them.

While I’m ecstatic that I lost the majority of the weight so quickly and effortlessly, it’s not as great as it sounds. Being three pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight doesn’t mean I can fit into my jeans. My body is storing those pounds in my midsection. Obviously the midsection is what makes or doesn’t make a pair of jeans fit. So, I continue to wait patiently for my physical release in two weeks so I can work on getting those last few pounds off from two years ago. And hope after that I’ll be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

What makes a person have the drive to exercise? It took me a year to start exercising with Maximus. Like I said, the weight loss was much slower that time. Wouldn’t that motivate you to start working out? This time, I lost almost all of it effortlessly and can barely wait until I can work out. Call me a hypocrite, but Pinterest might be my motivator! Or, my body is craving some good endorphin releasing workouts that volleyball and softball just don’t provide.

What exercise programs do you follow? Do you have experience exercising while nursing? One of my main concerns with Maximus was a drop in my supply. How do you find the healthy balance between doing what’s good for your body and your supply?

4 thoughts on “The post-pregnancy weight battle

  1. I didn’t excercise at all whilst nursing, I regret that now as I am seriously unfit. I’m sure some gentle excercise will be ok, well done for losing the weight so fast!

    1. Thanks for the comment! That was me too the first time around. I think I’ll try focusing on tone instead of weight loss. Hopefully that will help my self-esteem and not affect my supply. I’m sure I don’t get enough calories, so I need to work on eating lots of healthy snacks.

      1. If you are worried about supply this might help, I started drinking non-alcoholic beer when I was nursing my daughter. Apparently there is something in beer that increases milk production, might be worth a try if you like beer 🙂

      2. Good tip! I have heard beer helps with letdown. Makes sense.

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