Quinten: Four Weeks

It’s hard to believe, but Quinten is four weeks old already! This first month has flown by, which shouldn’t be a surprise with the holidays sprinkled in there.

Here’s what Quinten is up to at four weeks:
* Spending a couple hours awake each day.
* Eating every two hours during the day
* Eating every two hours at night and sometimes giving me a break and stretching that to three or four hours
* Falling asleep during tummy time – I think we have another tummy sleeper 🙂
* Lots of sneezing and grunting
* Getting startled by Maximus and Wrigley
* Waving his arms and kicking his legs non-stop when he’s awake
* Prefers to sleep with his head turned to the right
* Does a good job of turning his head back and forth when he’s on his tummy
* Loves to snuggle
* Talks and coos a lot when he’s laying awake on his back
* Still wearing newborn clothes, but has outgrown some of them
* Per our unofficial measurements is 21 1/2 inches long
* Per our unofficial measurements is somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds

Here he is the day of his birth and at four weeks.



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