Maternity Monday

Week 23

Thursday, August 30 work outfit:
Skirt (Motherhood), T-shirt (Not In Our Town), cardigan (Gap)

It was a bit of a casual day for me. I participated in a community anti-bullying campaign called Not In Our Town. We were allowed to wear the shirts all day, but couldn’t wear jeans. Being that it was still in the 90s, I opted for my black skirt. I felt a little too casual, so I dressed it up with a gray cardigan and a Lia Sophia necklace.










Because there was a rally at our courthouse square, we walked the two blocks to the lunchtime rally. I left the cardigan at my desk, but had a hard time putting it back on that afternoon. That heat really stuck with me! So, when I was talking to my boss after lunch and our executive VP came into his office his greeting to me was, “that’s a really bright shirt.” And my response was, “I feel a little bit like a pumpkin.”











I’m trying really hard to have fun with getting dressed. It helps my spirits, but I’m afraid I’m starting to slip into the same mentality I had last time. Check this day off, I found clothes to wear. I’ve got way too many days and weeks and months left to seep into that mentality already! 🙂


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