Heart swells

My dates for birthday dinner

My dates for my 30th birthday dinner

This kid. He makes my heart swell so big. I can’t get enough of him. Except when I can and I need space away from him and The Whines. But, when he’s not showing his toddler 2 side, he’s showing his awesome Maximus side. And it’s just that – Awesome.

He’s exactly 2 1/2, or 30 months, and totally grew up without us knowing. Or approving. In the car, he has complete conversations with us. Or without us. He’s a real person riding in the car. No longer the one syllable answer from the back seat. He’s telling you what he’s looking at or commenting on things happening outside his little bubble of a world. He’s singing songs (no, not with the radio) that are sweet and innocent and talk about baking bread or rowing boats. He tells you which direction is papa’s house or his house or daycare.

This 2 1/2 year old is awesome. He carries on conversations at the dinner table or when we go out to eat. He looks at a menu and asks his daddy with a glimmer in his eye, “you get green eggs and ham?” Then he laughs and we go into a question and answer about eating them on a boat or with a goat. He loves it because he was clever enough to start this little game.

I feel like I have a glimpse into my future. The fun we’ll have and the people we’ll become when we have “big” kids. It’s pretty awesome being the mommy to Maximus!

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