Quinten at 3 months

Quinten Marcus, the three-month-old.


He’s starting to get the hang of tummy time. Or rather, a tummy time that doesn’t involve falling asleep. He still spends a lot of time looking like a beached whale, but that’s the funny thing about babies. Beached whale one day and the next you’re knocking them down. 😉

He’s a lot like I remember Maximus being. Happy. It started with that obsession over the ceiling fan. He’s so graciously moved on to smiling at people. And we so love that he has started doing it! He’s such a happy little guy, always cooing and smiling.



He loves being naked. I suppose clothes and diapers restrict the chubby rolls. Can’t really blame him, right? He’s been stuck at 14.6 pounds for the past week and in between 3 month and 6 month clothes. It may be winter in Iowa, but he can’t be caught wearing sweaters or blankets. This little guy is a sweaty baby. He heats up those who hold him {except Bryan and I} and has stinky feet. A baby with stinky feet. What?! I blame the sleepers and his sweaty toes. 🙂 Bath time is a Where’s Waldo of rolls to make sure we get them all clean!




Quinten has one week of daycare under his belt and is thriving. Not only is his big brother there to watch him, but he’s got a little baby friend who is a week older than him. I haven’t figured out who is bigger. They have such different body types that it’s hard to tell. Quinten definitely has a rounder face! 🙂 It will be fun to watch them grown and develop. But, not in a comparing type of way!

Just like Maximus, Quinten was a little slow on the bottle idea. They’ve found their groove and I’m happy with him taking three bottles a day. He does monopolize my time in the evenings and wants to nurse almost the whole time he’s awake. I won’t complain though because daycare has made him sleep through the night! That first day back to work was rough because he was up at 4:30 am and that made for a LONG day. Now, we wake him up in the morning. A typical schedule around here is down to bed around 8:30 pm and up at 6:45 am. It’s funny that after a week I feel like all those late nights weren’t so bad. {And that’s the brain trick that makes women keep having more babies!}

Sadly, my maternity leave feels like ages ago and that itty, bitty infant is almost gone. I wasn’t sure life could move any faster, but having two little ones sure does make the time fly. We bounce back-and-forth between helping, teaching, or loving on Maximus and snuggling, changing, and feeding Quinten. It’s a little hectic now, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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