Shopping on a budget can be fun!

3 thoughts on “Shopping on a budget can be fun!”

  1. This post is a good reminder to GET BACK ON BUDGET. Gah. Some weeks are better than others. *sigh* But you’re right, making your money work instead of working for it seems like the best plan.


    1. You are totally right, Sarah. Some weeks (or days) are much better than others. The planning really helped us make it a successful shopping trip and it was needed since we were going out of town and making a day of it. We could have gotten really carried away and then been mad at ourselves after we totaled the money up. We have realized that what we want and need aren’t always the same things when we have to really think about it. I think that’s why most months we don’t use up all the money we thought we would. Keep up the good work! Every little bit counts so be proud of what you can do!


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