State Champions…or Not


Bowling Babes!

This past weekend Two weeks ago, I went with a group of girls to state bowling. I know what you’re thinking, they have state bowling? Or maybe even, people bowl in leagues? Yes, yes they do. You see, I’m involved in a Friday night “drinking” league. I say that with parenthesis because last year I was pregnant so I didn’t drink and this year we have three other pregnant women (33% of our league!). But, it’s a chance for girls night out…every Friday…from August to April. It’s a long season and we’re all ready for it to end by the time March rolls around, but it’s a good winter activity. It’s a good way for all of us to see each other during the cold, snowy months when no one wants to leave the house. Any maybe it helps elevate some of the winter blues.

State bowling is a good chance to get away for the weekend! As luck would have it, state bowling ended up being the weekend after an out-of-town bachelorette party. So, I spent two weekends in a row away from Maximus. In fact, the first two nights away from Maximus since he was born. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, the anticipation was worse than the time away. I think that’s because I run myself into the ground on a weekly basis, so a little time to enjoy life is needed. But, it still bums me out that I spend the weekend away when I could be spending it with Maximus.

The benefit, as I see it, of state bowling is that your average is the previous year’s average. Hopefully, a person gets better each year. That means that last year my average was 113 but this year it’s been hanging around 119. So, with a lower average from last year, I get a higher handicap. {That means I get more points added to my score at the end of the game.} I did pretty well this that weekend, only going below my average three times. {Out of nine games.} The fun part about state, besides the girls weekend, is that you bowl three different categories. We bowled team with five players and we bowled doubles and then singles. You always bowl on the same lane as your whole team, even if you are bowling singles. So, you spend a lot of quality time with your team! We had a few minor setbacks during doubles and singles because our ball return broke. I think it should have taken us about 3.5 hours to bowl six games and instead it took FIVE! We were all ready to be as far away from that alley as possible!

It was a long weekend of bowling, but it was a fun getaway with the girls. I don’t expect to win any medals, but I do expect to talk about the memories for years to come. Sometimes you just need to get away, even if it is for state bowling.

Note: We had a lot of fun with this picture {and didn’t plan to separate the stripes} and used our own balls as props. Not pictured: a ball that joined us halfway through the trip. 

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