Then there were THREE!

Today I have the pleasure of announcing a very important change in our home. In August, we will be welcoming a baby into our hearts and lives. While it has been quite the adventure so far, I know it’s just begun. As we’ve shared the exciting news with family, friends, and co-workers it becomes so much more real. To the average outsider, nothing appears to have changed. For us, we see the daily changes my body goes through. There were nauseous times, food aversions, feeling like I could never eat enough, migraines, backaches, the endless feeling of tired, and noticing that my shirts weren’t fitting like they should and pants were almost a joke. My nightly ritual became the same pair of sweat pants, hoodie, and couch. I’ve regained some energy and can now make plans after work, but don’t mess with my new found 9:30 bedtime! It’s so consistent that Wrigley heads to bed on his own if I haven’t made it there yet. I know the aches and pains have just begun but I also know that whatever they are, nothing is more worth it because in five short months we will welcome Baby Leger!

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