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I logged into Facebook and saw that I was tagged on a note, “When your soul mate is pregnant.” Knowing that this soul mate was me, I excitedly clicked on the link. What I found left me speechless and searching for anything that could show my appreciation for the words. I still can’t find the right words, but I hope my friendship reflects the words I can’t say. And I hope I eventually find those perfect words.

When your soul mate is pregnant…

So I found out one of my best friends in the whole wide world is having a baby. I am overjoyed at this news, but also realize that things are a-changin. I have denied this until now in a lot of ways. It started when we all graduated and moved far away from each other. The everyone started getting married. Now they are all having babies. But now it seems even more real…the same woman who only a few short years ago was walking down the street, drunkenly discussing the alphabet, the same woman who would spend lazy days with me in the living room, with whom i cried on a shoulder and gave my shoulder too, is now going to be a mommy!

While I feel selfish and think “I want her to pay attention to me, not some crying baby,” I also realize this is another amazing experience that she gets to do before me! I am going to be there for her while she goes through this amazing experience, even though it’s long distance. I feel as if my “soul mate” is making the final passage into adulthood, the exact phase of life I have been avoiding for so long! Watching her succeed in her work life, her married life, and now jumping into mommy life with such confidence and ease is inspiring. She is the kind of person that is able to take all of these steps and makes them look fun and not as scary as they are in my head.

As it is with those we are close to, I am so excited at her words like I am having the baby! I love her and her husband, and I already love her baby. I am excited to be with her as she goes through the the next five months…whoa,…five months! Well, when her baby is old enough to babysit, I can have my beautiful babies so her beautiful baby can babysit.

She is going through this journey, but she isn’t alone. I am excited, nervous, scared, happy, and hopeful for the family. Although I am facing my own reality checks about how old we are getting, I will be a strong source of support for the lovely young woman 🙂

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