Girl or Boy?


We had an interesting conversation with a friend last night. She claims to know if your baby is a girl or boy.

Her guesses are based on the following:

  1. Heart rate: below 140, it’s a boy
  2. Carrying high or low: high is a girl, low is a boy
  3. If you look pregnant from the backside, it’s a girl

These sound like the typical “wives tales” to me, but I hadn’t heard that the backside of a woman was a key indicator.

How are we rating on these items:

  • What’s the baby’s heart rate? Our baby’s heart rate was estimated at 140. Looks like we’ll need to keep working on that one.
  • Am I carrying high or low? I honestly have no idea. It looks pretty normal to me and I’m thinking it’s too early for that indicator.
  • Do I look pregnant from the backside? Well, I barely look pregnant from the front side, so no one will realize it from the back. How much are hips tied into the back side? If they are any indication, it’ll be a girl!

Maybe over the next few weeks my body will change enough to make an educated guess about the sex of this baby. Either way, April should bring the real answer!

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