Brotherly love

We’ve been soaking up life at home. Carrying on conversations with Maximus like he’s an adult. At supper we try to talk about our days, teaching him to talk to your loved ones. It kills me when he rests his chin on his hand and says, “daddy, what you have for lunch?” It usually turns into a game where he tells us he had the same thing we did or that he had a meeting too. Nonetheless, it’s hilarious.


He’s starting to pay a little more attention to Quinten. That basically means we have a 50% chance that he’ll get mad that I’m holding Quinten or a 50% chance that he’ll want to talk to or play with Quinten while I’m holding him. Toddlers are a lot like storms, you never know what they’ll actually do.


So far, my favorite part of having two boys is seeing Quinten light up when he sees Maximus. Quinten has three favorite people in his life: mommy, daddy, and Maximus. He loves everyone and is very friendly to anyone who talks to him. But, we’ve got special places in his heart. I can tell by his reaction whenever he sees one of us, even if we aren’t talking to him. It melts my heart when he see Maximus and his little face lights up. I think he’s looking up to Maximus already!


I promise I’m taking REAL pictures of my kids. I just don’t have the time to take them off my camera.

I also promise that we’re going to get Maximus’ hair cut. It’s a little wild right now!

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