Snow day…in May!

The calendar said May, but Mother Nature had different ideas for us. We basically had a snow day on Friday and today there’s a high of 72. Iowa weather is weird. One weekend we pulled out the shorts and the next we had snow on the ground. It was 79 in our house on Monday and by Thursday it was 33 out. SNOW! IN MAY! What the heck.


Daycare lost power on Friday morning. I assume due to the weather. The snow was thick, slushy, and heavy. I’m sure it took down a few power lines. It took Bryan an hour and a half to get the boys to daycare. It’s usually a 25 minute drive. Add to the list of why I love my husband: picks up the boys during bad weather.

Maximus was pretty funny about the whole thing.
“Mommy, we lost the powa.”
Me: “You did? What happened?”
Maximus: “I lost the powa. In the basement. And the tv turned off. For eva, eva, eva.”
I guess he’s been listening to some Taylor Swift, too. No, really. Bryan said he sings it.

On the way to daycare this morning he started talking about it again. “I lost the powa.” So many awesome things about this, but mostly the way he says “power.” Bryan thinks he sounds like Arnold Swarzenegger.

Maximus spent all winter talking about shoveling. While we were ready for warm weather, he was not ready to give up the shovel. Luckily, he got one more day to use it! And his boots! We’ve tried hiding those boots so many times, but he keeps finding them and trying to wear them.


We didn’t expect a snow day in May, but we made the most out of it! Yes, he’s wearing a hat backwards (or sidewise) under his hood. Outfit assembled by Maximus.


2 thoughts on “Snow day…in May!

  1. oh wow! that’s crazy! Avery won’t give up the shovel either. He loves ‘taking rides’ in the shovel… he sits on it and i pull him around… even without snow on the ground!

    1. Haha! That’s super cute!

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