Watching their brotherly love develop

It was what got me most excited about having another boy. That brotherly love that I knew would happen some day. I hope it’ll last a lifetime and they’ll be really close, but whatever their relationship is I know it will be perfect. Something happened with Maximus when he turned three. He suddenly grew up a lot. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a mess of emotions, but he’s now a member of the family who I can carry on a conversation with. Granted, they aren’t very intellectual, but they are still very meaningful! Over the past couple of weeks, Quinten has become much more involved in things. He got through the grabby stage (well, not completely past it) enough to somehow “play” with Maximus now.


It’s not the same kind of cuddling that Maximus and I do. And definitely not the same way Quinten snuggles with me. (Something about that little head resting on my shoulder, facing my neck, and sucking on his fingers. Melts my heart every time.)  It’s cuddling meets wrestling. The majority of the time Bryan or I break it up before someone starts crying. Maximus is almost to the point of obsessed with giving Quinten hugs or kisses, regardless of what Quinten is doing. It’s a good thing, or maybe because of, Quinten is heavy because otherwise I’m afraid Maximus would hurt him. He pretty much puts all his weight into the hugs and kisses and drags Quinten whatever direction he falls.


Quinten spent a week saying mamamamaLike most babies, he’s moved on to daddaaaa. He’s starting to sound a little more “fluent” so I imagine he’ll follow in his brother’s footsteps and “dada” will be his first real word. Oh well, we all know I’m his favorite. 😉 It’s gotten a lot louder in our house (and car) because Maximus loves talking to Quinten. He loves to get Quinten going with daadaaadaaa! Of course Quinten doesn’t have much volume control at this point and Maximus is an excited three-year-old. It can get to be a little much, but it almost always ends in Quinten giggling and then Maximus starts laughing too. And no one can be annoyed when a baby giggles.


Well, they don’t really play together, but Maximus does a pretty good job of sharing and watching out for Quinten. We’re really working on the concept that some toys are too small and Quinten can swallow them. Sometimes Maximus gets a little carried away and rips ALL toys out of Quinten’s hands. He’s really good at giving Quinten a toy to play with. I’ve caught him doing that a number of times when no one has asked him to. “Here Quinten, here’s a toy to play with.” He uses the sweetest little voice when he does that. (He also uses a mean, loud voice when he tells Quinten no.)

For all Quinten knows, Maximus created food. (Give me a break, I had to pick something a fat baby would want.) His bright blue eyes light up when he sees Maximus and he gives him a great big toothy grin. Maximus is the only one who can get Quinten to laugh without tickling him. He loves when Maximus pays attention to him and lets him “play” too. This is what having babies is all about. Watching their love for each other grow each and every day. I feel incredibly happy and blessed to be able to watch the two of them grow together as brothers. It’s simply amazing!


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