“Santa doesn’t want us to make a big mess, just a little mess.”


Christmas was lots of fun this year. Maximus was really into it, especially the presents. They got to see Santa twice! Did you know that Santa lives at their daycare? Well, he does. Just ask Maximus. It took a while to convince Maximus that Santa would also be at the mall so we could go see him there. We love our mall Santa, he is so nice and friendly. Maximus got a little shy when we got there but we had plenty of time to look around at all his trees and chat before it was time to get serious about what he wanted. He told Santa he wanted monster trucks, but we’re unsure if he really wanted them or was confused because that’s what he got at daycare when Santa came to visit. Either way, Santa did not bring him monster trucks this year and he didn’t even notice on Christmas morning. {This was a major parenting question: should we go out and buy him monster trucks?!?!? Not doing it worked out well, this time.}


Quinten enjoyed all the festivities, even if he didn’t know what was going on. He knew there was lots of yummy food and lots of wrapping paper to chew on. The toys were ok, but mostly because it’s not worth really enjoying any of them because Maximus Law states that if Quinten has it, Maximus needs it. Regardless of who the gift was given to. Poor second child doesn’t get to play with anything that is new. Mostly, he enjoyed the comfort of mommy or daddy and didn’t want to venture out to others too often. He did use a few people for their hands so he could walk around a little, so he’s not completely biased about who touches him.


Now that Christmas has passed, Maximus is even more into Santa. “Quinten, NO! Don’t make a mess. Santa doesn’t want us to make a big mess, just a little mess.” We really could have used this attitude in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but we’ll see how this can work in our favor for a few weeks. When you live with a three-year-old, you gotta use whatever you can to stay one step ahead! You spend 90% of your day repeating yourself and convinced that he can’t hear a thing. Then out of nowhere he says something to let you know he was listening, he was just choosing not to obey. 



We feel so fortunate to be able to spend an extended holiday break with our boys. Even though I feel like I’m stuck in this awful rotation of cleaning! laundry! cooking!, we’re going to enjoy the next five days at home. It’s what we all needed. A little down time to get back on track. Some of us {the three-year-old crowd}, needed a lot of one-on-one time so we could get rid of the whines and have a little more fun. Right now he’s doing big important stuff, man stuff. Buying wood and searching hardware stores for some important piece to go on something. I don’t ask too many questions, I just scoop up the baby and distract him so they can leave. Because when they come home, Maximus will give me the full report. And that’s one of the best things about being a mommy!

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