Snow much fun

During the winter that doesn’t end and the snow that won’t quit falling, Quinten finally had his first snow experience. He doesn’t have snow pants {because Maximus is still wearing his 18mon ones. And no they don’t actually fit him. Mom fail!}, but he does have a winter coat. Of course he didn’t have his coat on. It was in the house. He’s never worn gloves either, but there were plenty of them in the house, too. He does wear a hat every day, but he takes it off 30 seconds after we put it on. So, basically I put him in the snow with cloth “shoes” and a fleece coat. I know, everyone should look up to me as their mommy role model. 😉 I should mention that it was somewhere in the teens outside, but the sun was out. When you live in Iowa, that basically means we could have been out there in shorts because it’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun.


Anyway. Rambling. Lots of it. I’m not used to having quiet time to write. And of course it’s not actually quiet. Maximus is now hovering over me asking me to touch the M over and over and over again. And this is why I don’t have time to blog anymore! So, I put Quinten down on the snow {I made sure he wasn’t on the ice} because I wanted to see what he would do. Maximus was busy shoveling. Quinten’s first move was to bend down like he was going to touch it. And then something made him stop. I really wanted him to pick some up so I could see his reaction. He’s a very animated kid so it would have been funny.


He stood there watching Maximus and watching Bryan snow blow. Then he started hollering at Bryan. He was yelling, “DAAA! DADA!!!” When he realized Bryan wasn’t going to pay attention to him, he started walking around. At this point I did think that his feet were probably cold and maybe wet. But, I let him go.


He was super excited to run into the garage, but I was nervous he was going to slip and fall. He went in and out of the garage a few times until I decided we needed to go inside. My hands were cold and he very little hair on his head. I picked him up and he cried the whole way into the house. Also a normal thing. Don’t stop him from doing something that he wants to do!


Maximus has enjoyed winter a lot. Even though it’s been freezing, he still wants to go outside every time it snows. I guess that’s what it’s like to be three. You don’t feel the cold. He spends a lot of time on the back deck shoveling the snow. And Quinten stands at the door and watches. And as you can see, Quinten {and the dog} both lick the glass door a lot. It’s basically pointless to clean it.






I usually do things in the living room or kitchen while Maximus is outside. He knows he can’t go down the steps so I don’t worry about him too much. I glanced out the window one afternoon and didn’t see him. I peeked around the corner and found him like this…



…trying to make snow angels! I didn’t know he even knew what they were. He was flapping his arms and legs, doing the best he could. That same day he told me he “really, really want{ed} to make a snowman. I need you to give me a big, huge carrot for his nose!” I suppose tv, books, and daycare taught him what a snowman was, because we’ve never done that either. It sounds like we have a lot of great winter snow opportunities ahead of us! 🙂

As the long winter has stretched on, Maximus has gone from being afraid of the snow blower to being able to be out with Bryan while he uses it. Bryan may not like the extra work that is causes him, but it’s pretty cute to watch. Maximus follows him and pushes a very unstraight line of snow across the driveway. His line usually crosses into the newly cleared path that Bryan has just created. 🙂



I’m ready for the snow and cold to be over, but the boys are making the best of it!

3 thoughts on “Snow much fun

  1. It’s to bad that us adults can’t find enjoyment in all situations like kids can. Our winter has been long too and for the last month, all I’ve done is complained. Looks like the boys aren’t minding it one bit! Love the pictures!

    1. So true! Being naiive is so appealing!

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