Little brother stereotypes, unlocked.

When it comes to¬†second-child stereotypes, Quinten is the poster-child for many things. Ornery and sweet are the most common descriptions of our little blondie. Other names we call him: turkey, firecracker, and trouble maker. Although ornery shows itself more often than the sweet, he still gives killer hugs. Like, squeeze as hard as his¬†little two-year-old … Continue reading Little brother stereotypes, unlocked.

Will I remember the “important” stuff with another baby?

As I was laying in bed this morning, I was thinking about the past 18-months. Even though a lot has happened, it’s gone quickly. When other mother’s ask me questions about babies, I have a hard time remembering specifics. I think we unswaddled him around 5 months. I think he got his first tooth between … Continue reading Will I remember the “important” stuff with another baby?