How we announced to family and friends

I wanted to do something fun to announce this pregnancy. Maybe it was an effort to not fall into the second child syndrome of no pictures, no new clothes, and no big deals about all the milestones. Or maybe it was that I didn’t have the energy to physically talk to ALL.THE.PEOPLE. Either way, we had two-year photos scheduled with our favorite photographers at Stalzer Photography. I waited until I was confident that my first appointment was going to turn out well and I let them know that I wanted to expand the photoshoot. I told them that Maximus would be wearing a shirt that said “Big Brother” and I left the rest up to them.

We did a lot in one hour! We did two-year pictures, family pictures, and announcement pictures. It was a great hour and we spent part of the time convincing Maximus to stay in one spot because he was having so much fun with Kenzie! When we left he held her hand and walked out with her. {And thankfully didn’t cry when we had to leave her! Toddlers, ya never know!} As always, we had the proofs the next day. I did something I’ve never done before and we ordered them that night! Partly due to the excitement of getting closer to telling everyone and partly because I knew from previous experience – your favorites will stay the same, just buy them!

Next, we got started on the announcement card that we were going to mail out to family. Kenzie and I looked over Pinterest to see if we had any sparks of ideas, but in the end I left it up to her. As is typical of them, I pretty much blinked my eyes and there were proofs in my inbox. And the next day there were printed cards! Here’s a digital copy:

Now that our cards were in the mail to family, I wanted to do something cool on Facebook. I’d already spent too much time trying to come up with something creative to say to announce. It was pretty much about Christmas so I decided that wasn’t how to announce since I wanted to show everyone the card they had made for us. I went back and asked for a cover picture for my profile. As the news was starting to leak out we were rushed to get there first! 🙂 Here’s a copy of the cover picture they created:

Pictures speak louder than words. I obviously don’t have to say much about the designs, but I will tell you again how awesome it is to have photographers who you love! The turnaround time is ridiculous. So much that I worry they aren’t enjoying life and summer. I suppose that’s what happens when your career is your passion. I joked with Kenzie that it must be hard to sleep at night with all that creativity oozing onto her pillow as she sleeps. But, really it’s the truth. These two are awesome! Always going to classes and learning new things. You look at their pictures and it’s not the same stuff over and over. Every family looks unique and special. And everyone always looks like they are having so much fun! {The proof is in that little toddler!}

It means so much to our family that they were one of the few who knew we were pregnant. We gave them a huge secret and a BIG task to help us announce to the world. As I knew they would, they overwhelmed us with the awesome! I can’t wait to take an itty, bitty newborn in!

{Disclosure: These are my own thoughts and opinions. I was not compensated in any way for this post. Also, good luck finding the wall space to display all the pictures! :)}

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