Happy 4th of July!

I remember loving the 4th of July as a child. I’m a big fan of fireworks and love summer. The combination of the two make it a great holiday! As an adult, it’s never lived up to that childhood awesomeness. I spent most of my childhood 4th of July holidays on water. That’s been more difficult to come by since becoming an adult. And without water it just doesn’t feel the same.

As Maximus gets older it is becoming a little more enjoyable. Last year we couldn’t do much because he was a baby and the heat is too much. It’s 100 degrees this year, but toddlers don’t seem to care. Like most mornings lately, we spent hours on the deck relaxing and enjoying each other. Mornings are our happy times out there because it’s shaded. We can’t seem to make him understand that we don’t want to be out there at night because it’s too hot.

After a morning of relaxing {without technology!}, we headed out on a walk. Everyone was sweaty and tired by the end. Well, maybe Maximus wasn’t. It can’t be THAT hard to sit in a stroller. But, since he went to bed late and got up at the same time, he was pretty cranky all morning. {Why do toddlers always do that? Just sleep in!} I’m pretty sure he almost fell asleep. While we all tried to cool off in the A/C and drink ice water, I switched into my swim suit and went to water walking. The water was an amazing way to cool off after a hot, sweaty walk. I’d do it more often but Saturday morning water walking is the same time as tot swim so we do that instead. The way I felt after walking reminded me that even though I’m feeling amazing, I’m still pregnant and need to make sure I’m eating enough food and drinking enough water. The fuel burns pretty quickly when I’m exerting myself. But, nothing a quick trip through a fast food drive-thru can’t fix! It might not have been the healthiest of meals, but it did the trick. Now I spend the nap time catching up on writing and DVR while hoping there’s time to fit in a quick shower before the quiet is crushed by a little voice yelling “DADDY!” Later we’ll go over to a friend’s house and enjoy the holiday with good food and hot fun.

It may not be how I spent the holidays growing up, but it turns out to be just as fun! Life is what you make it, and we’re choosing to make it a lot of fun.


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