I vote for a potty trained toddler!

7 thoughts on “I vote for a potty trained toddler!”

  1. We are diaper rash experts. Fiona’s neurogenic bowels means we always have diaper rash to contend with. Maalox can be helpful. But we usually do what you do – neosporin type ointment and the purple (not blue) Desitin. A little vinegar in the bath water helps too. Don’t use corn starch as that can kick start a yeast infection (even in boys). Good luck!


    1. I just had a friend tell me Maalox too. I hope I’m not making it worse – we were out of purple and only had the blue Desitin. I was wondering what to try in the bath so I just stuck with plain water. Thanks for the tips, Sara!


      1. Blue desitin won’t make it worse. It just has a much lower zinc content than the purple. Zinc is what helps the healing the most!

        I never would have guessed 2 years ago that I would know so much about zinc’s magic on baby butts! 🙂


  2. Awe poor little guy – I hope his rash clears up. I know too well about the poopy baths… NOT fun… but diaper explosions are even worse. We haven’t tried potty training yet… soon tho!


    1. I don’t think he’s ready for potty training. He gets scared and cries a lot when he sits on it and actually goes. I think it has more to do with the movement itself and less about using the potty. Either way, he’s not ready yet.


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