Adapting to the new normal

3 thoughts on “Adapting to the new normal”

  1. My Quinn was also an obnoxious grunter early on – to the point of very little sleep for us and less restful sleep for her. At the recommendation of a friend, I took her to the chiro and a couple appointments later, we noticed a huge difference! Just a thought.

    And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse also became ridiculously popular in our house once Q arrived. I’m trying to wean the toddler off it slowly. So far, #fail!

    Good luck and keep enjoying those handsome boys!


    1. Yes, Bryan has been known to say, “You need to be quiet so we can sleep.” It’s usually around 4 am when he’s changing a diaper! šŸ™‚ Was she pooping before you took her? We do get some pretty big blowouts and they could be hours later, but he’s pretty regular. I’m not against the chiro, mine is a good friend and we took Maximus when he was itty, bitty. Just want to see if we’re in the same situation. I remember Maximus being gassy and crying out in pain. I haven’t figured out if Quinten is feeling the same thing because he’s not crying. But it’s a lot of grunting! Part of me wondered if that was his swaddle issue, grunting to try and get his hands out.

      My version of weaning from MM is to try and get him hooked on another cartoon. ANYTHING ELSE! That’s not working either. Thirty seconds later he throws the remote at me and whines for Mickey Mouse. As always, I enjoy the comments!


      1. Quinn wasn’t crying in pain either. Just grunting like a crazy baby. I don’t think she was pooping during … because we would get the poops – but often much later. I would be convinced her diaper was full after all those grunts and then nothing!

        After the chiro helped her a bit, that’s when the swaddle really seemed to take hold. She fought it at first too – and now loves it. (but my time is limited, I think)

        Good luck with the other cartoons. Let me know if you find something as “awesome.” I can occasionally get F to watch something else – but MM reigns supreme.


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