Weekend recap

Did you have a good Memorial day weekend? We did! We spent our long weekend grilling out, watching HGTV, doing some house projects, and spending time with friends. Wrigley got a couple walks out of the weekend. Some at night when the temperatures were much cooler and the sun was going down. Others in the … Continue reading Weekend recap

The first step in a nursery…

What’s the first thing you have to figure out when creating a nursery? The colors! Many internet hours went into the search for the perfect bedding for Baby Boy Leger. Criteria was specific – something that doesn’t become obsolete when he’s not a baby anymore. Ok, so no cutesy little animals. Check. How about no animals … Continue reading The first step in a nursery…

Six months!!

 April 21, 2010   April 21 marks another milestone…six months! Twenty-four weeks later and I’m starting to feel like this journey is going to be over before I know it. As the days and weeks fly by, we’re four short months away from meeting Little Boy Leger! While time feels like it will be moving … Continue reading Six months!!

Twenty-three weeks

April 14, 2010 What I know this week: My body is retaining water and swelling…occasionally. For instance, I had 2-3 days of no ankles. Yoga makes me feel great, but makes me sore. Getting off the bed or couch is getting more difficult each week. Chocolate has regained its spot in my heart. I’m at … Continue reading Twenty-three weeks

Twenty-two weeks

April 7, 2010 5.5 months pregnant! We’ve moved from baby step countdowns to THE countdown! We’ve had many milestones over the course of this pregnancy…taking the pregnancy test, first doctors appt., first trimester, telling family and friends, second trimester, finding out the sex, and reaching the halfway mark. The numbers are still getting higher, but in their place … Continue reading Twenty-two weeks