Twenty-two weeks

April 7, 2010

Twenty-two weeks - April 7

5.5 months pregnant! We’ve moved from baby step countdowns to THE countdown! We’ve had many milestones over the course of this pregnancy…taking the pregnancy test, first doctors appt., first trimester, telling family and friends, second trimester, finding out the sex, and reaching the halfway mark. The numbers are still getting higher, but in their place I see another set of numbers getting smaller. It’s like reaching the top of a large mountain and beginning the decent down the other side. Now, I’ve never climbed a large moutain so I’m guessing about the emotional feelings. But, I know that regardless of the analogy, we’re starting that homestretch!

We’ve got lots of things planned for the next 4.5 months. After all, our “nursery” has a striking resemblance for a computer room with a futon. Wait, that’s because it is. And our spare bedroom is becoming covered in little boy clothes, books, and picture frames. We haven’t made any big purchases for Little Boy Leger because we wanted to know what color of things we’d buy before we went crazy. Now that we know it’s blues instead of pinks, we’ve got other things to get done before we start buying his furniture and decorating his room. We’ve got lots of color decisions to make over the next month…what color of furniture, which furniture, what colors to paint the walls, and what colors to decorate the room.

I’ve officially crossed the milestone of gaining 10 pounds. The doctors want you to gain 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks and say you should gain a pound a week after that. That puts me right in the middle of that 25-40 pounds that she said I should gain. While, I was a couple of weeks later getting into that 10 pound gain, I won’t work too hard to “catch” up. My body has started doing an excellent job of adding a pound a week, so I’ll trust it knows what it’s doing. 🙂

Twenty-two week belly shot

My belly was measured this week to gain a starting point for all the other appointments. From pelvis to top of uterus is 23 inches. Typically the inches correlate to the weeks of pregnancy. Like I said, this is the starting point to measure his growth from here on out. But, being 22 weeks with 23 inches tells me he’s pretty much on track. As much as some people (ahem, my husband) try to tell me I might be further along than the doctors think, Little Boy Leger is measuring in right on schedule.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I really wish to wear jeans really soon haha… I”m on my 30th weeks.

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