Maternity Monday

This was the first outfit I planned in my head. By sheer willpower, I held off until the middle of the week until I wore it. It was the only outfit that seemed “right” and I had a lot of things going on this day and thought it would be the most appropriate of the week.

Wednesday, August 29 work outfit:
Dress (American Eagle), Cardigan (Gap), Belt (Target), Necklace (Lia Sophia), Dog (Beagle). All years old.

It’s pretty much what I envisioned it would be. The skinny belt worked well even though the dress scrunches under the bust. It’s a spaghetti strap dress and the bust piece ties in the back so it does have some form to it. The form looks a lot better when I’m pregnant compared to not, but I did wear this for Maximus’ first birthday party.





The only negative is that I won’t be able to wear it when it gets cooler. I could wear it casually with leggings, but won’t be able to wear that to work. I have a feeling tights will not be something I want to wear when I’m bigger, but maybe I’ll find it is ok.





So far I like the season of pregnancy and weather, but I’m really nervous about finding cold weather clothes that I can wear. What are your favorite cold weather maternity wears?

Maternity clothes: Day 2

I’ve gotten a few comments about my maternity clothes, so I’m going to propel myself into this thing. Unfortunately my camera man wasn’t around so I had to take the photos myself. And I haven’t cleaned the mirror recently so you’ll notice toddler residue at that level.

Tuesday, August 28 work outfit:
Dress (Gap), Cardigan (Gap), Belt (Target)
Nothing is linked because I’ve had these pieces for years.

It’s been pretty hot around here lately. Almost as hot as our summer has been, but only in the 90s lately. Anything of skirt or dress form is welcomed during the heat wave.





This is a very comfortable dress. It’s cotton and flow-y. The negative has always been that it’s an awkward spaghetti strap dress. It’s cut weird so you can’t wear it alone. I think I can only wear it with this cardigan because it buttons over the chest. A normal cardigan hangs open and exposes the weirdness of it. Because of this, I don’t wear the dress that often.




I didn’t love this outfit, but it was ok. I think I’d like it better if I could find a gold or yellow cardigan instead of the green. I think I’ve popped in the past week, but when I wore this dress I received a couple of comments from people at work who didn’t know I was pregnant. Surprise!


Adventures with maternity clothes

I decided long ago that if I ever got pregnant again I would spend some money on maternity clothes. The first time I didn’t want to. Essentially, I wore all the same shirts out of my normal wardrobe. Towards the end I was a little limited and I considered it a success every day I wore something to work. It was perfect. Until post-baby came around and I had the same clothes. By that point I wanted nothing to do with them! {And I’m still wearing them two years later…}

So, it’s next time and I’ve been cruising the Internet looking for cute, chic maternity clothes. I must be really picky in my price range. Ya know the one where I don’t want to drop $50 on a shirt? We don’t have much in my town so I have to travel to look. I’ve tried a couple of times and come home with basics, which is not what I was going for. I’m back to looking online and trying to decide exactly what I’m looking for so I can search for that. It’s very frustrating!

I’ve recently been inspired by some Pinterest posts and more posts. So I’m going to take a stab at highlighting my outfits. I am in no way close to a fashion blogger or fashionista, but this might help me figure out what I want and don’t want.

Monday August 27th outfit for work
shirt (Target), skirt (Motherhood)

22 weeks

I’m not sure if this will last me all the way through the pregnancy. I bought a small and it is fitted. It’s a little long right now so it has the potential to last, but I’ll have to wait and see if I still want to wear tight things in the final weeks. I did feel a lot bigger because I could see the giant blue blob out of my peripheral vision. 🙂







I’m drawn to a belt or tie above the belly. I tried the skinny belt pre-pregnancy but didn’t ever find something that I loved. I think I can love it during pregnancy. Or at least really love it on other people!






What’s a bump post without a little toddler photo bombing? 🙂 Maximus gave me a sideways glance when I came in the house after work, but didn’t seem to have an opinion on the outfit. He did think it was pretty funny that daddy was taking pictures of me.






Overall, I like the outfit. I’m not sure how I’d feel about wearing it with black pants. The shirt seems to work with a form fitting bottom. For a casual look {because I need clothes that go both directions}, I would probably pair it with leggings.



Happy me, happy them, happy us

I’ve been busy. It’s a poor excuse for teasing you with blog posts and then just as abruptly stopping again.

Here’s the thing, I’m working on life balance. And life happiness. I’m working on less time with electronics and more time doing other things. I’m turning the tv off, putting my phone on the counter, and doing things for me. Well, most of the time they benefit my family but it’s all wrapped up in the same. What I’ve learned is happy mom, happy family, happy life. It’s inner-laced.

I’m spending at least 30 minutes exercising or doing yoga each night. I’m picking up the house in under 30 minutes and focusing on the items that take me less than one minute to complete. I’m doing small loads of laundry throughout the week. I’m spending at least 30 minutes a day reading. And I’m making sure I get 8-9 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week. And those things basically mean that I start when Maximus goes to bed and once I’m done with them, I go to bed.

I miss the Internet and my online friends, but I need to get myself into a happy, healthy routine. Most of these things already feel like second nature to me. I hope that once I do them automatically, then I’ll become more efficient and will be able to squeeze more things in. After all, writing brings me happiness too. But so does sleep, so I’m having a hard time justifying early mornings or late nights spent writing. Even if my husband keeps giving me gentle reminders that I could get an hour of writing in each morning if I got up at 5:30. That suggestion basically ranks as lowest on my list of life at this point.

Also, I’m still working on this next baby. We find out TODAY whether Baby Leger version 2.0 is a boy or a girl! With my lack of Interneting I’ve been bad about baby updates. Welcome to #2 kid, you’ll love it or hate it! I’m doing well and growing every day practically. We’re very excited to find out what the sex is and start some solid planning! Once that starts happening Maximus will surely realize something is up at our house. (And Wrigley will definitely ask to go live somewhere else, until he remembers that another baby means another toddler to throw him food.) Until then, Maximus is adjusting to people touching my stomach and wonders why everyone keeps doing it. He’s got a good block move though, climb up and sit on the tummy. No one can touch it then! Earlier this week he could have felt the baby moving but his diaper was probably absorbing it. Soon enough he’s going to know what this little sibling really thinks of him banging on it’s safe shelter.

Stayed tuned for the big gender reveal! I’m not sure what Maximus has up his sleeve yet, but I’m sure it’ll be good! 😉

Summer fun!


It’s my favorite time of year. I love the sunshine and the heat. I love the late summer nights and the cool breeze. I love all that summer represents and I always think it starts too late and ends too early.

We’ve had an insanely hot summer this year. It may be the first year that I’m satisfied with the start and end of it! Temps in the 90s with heat indexes in the 100s. Days upon days of crazy humidity and sweltering heat. We like to spend as much time outside as we can, but with these temps its pretty hard. On the weekends, we spend the mornings outside under the shade. In the evenings, we head out real quick to grill and then come back in because 7 pm is still too hot to be out there. If you live with a toddler, they don’t care about the heat. We’re constantly convincing him that it’s way too hot outside and that we should go in. {Don’t tell Maximus that when he goes to bed we sneak out to the deck to watch the sunset.}

One of the things that we’ve been doing every weekend is going to the pool. Tot swim has been our heat savor. The pool is only open to little kids and we get 45 minutes of fun in the pool. When the swimming season started, Maximus wasn’t sure about playing in the water. Bath time is pretty fun, but he’s not into getting completely wet. He’s had fun going down the slide, crawling through tunnels, climbing up and down the stairs to the slide, and playing with his toys.

After the first couple of weeks, he started talking about swimming. Or “smmmimmming” as he likes to call it. That was our first guess that he really enjoyed it. When he sees his swimming trunks he wants to put them on. When we drive by the pool he squeals with excitement. It’s hard to make him wait in line and we’re constantly stopping him from bumping into older ladies who are going water walking.

As much as we’d all like a little rain and a little less humidity, this weather has really helped our pool plans. We’ve only had one Saturday where it was rainy. It may be hot, but it’s still summer. So we’re spending a little less time around technology and having a lot more fun playing!

Off to the pool!

















Waiting for the lifeguard









Shark towel after fun in the pool