Twenty-six weeks

Twenty-six weeks
May 5, 2010

What have I learned in the last 6.5 months? I don’t know that I’ve learned a lot, but I have experienced enough to fill a book. For me, pregnancy is a joy. My biggest complaint is that sometimes there’s a lot of pressure on my pelvis. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty uncomfortable and has even resulted in shouts of agony as I try to turn over in bed. But, in the grand scheme of things I won’t complain. I’m healthy. My baby is healthy. Everything is on track and normal. My body has adjusted well to the weight gain and effects of pregnancy. No visible stretch marks, although there are still many weeks to go! My “normal” life has basically been unaffected by pregnancy. My job hasn’t suffered. My friendships haven’t suffered. And my relationship with my husband has only gotten better.

Twenty-Six Weeks with Wrigley

And Wrigley still likes posing for pictures. I told you I was getting tired of being in these pictures by myself. I didn't even have to recruit this little guy. He willingly joined me while the paparazzi did his thing. Why am I so dressed up? Remember that ginormous work event I had coming up? It was on May 11. You can check out our press release. I know, the date of the picture says May 5. That's the date I was twenty-six weeks. The picture was taken on the night of May 11. My grand opening outfit: Motherhood maternity skirt, which I love and wear frequently. It's comfortable and I'm a skirt girl at heart.Express long-sleeve flowered shirt. I bought this before I knew I was pregnant. I took the price tags off this very morning. It turns out this will probably be the only wear until next year. Baby Leger barely fit into this thing. I joked with Bryan that I'd probably pop buttons during the keynote speech. (I didn't and probably have a few more inches until I would.) Gap sweater that made the shirt look not so obviously non-maternity. I think I'm still catching up on the sleep that I felt like I wasn't getting before the event. I didn't mess with my bedtime, but the energy exerted during the days and nights was much more than a typical work week. Baby Leger was a trooper and didn't give me any grief. I supplemented his hectic week by providing him ample opportunities to steal food from me. We may have been busy, but we made sure we had food!

I know this picture is blurry and I look funny. I didn’t know the photographer was messing with the settings. And I was on the verge of yawning. I told you this was the end of my long day. I was literally fighting back the yawn. In the next series of pictures, I am not fighting it back. But, we won’t share those with the internet worlds.

When picking out my outfit this morning, when I asked my husband if it looked ok he asked one simple question: “Does your stomach stick out?” My response, well no because I have a tank top and the skirt has a panel. I don’t think my tank top shows either. His experienced response, “Then it looks great!”

Twenty-five weeks

April 28, 2010

Another week, another pound. The days are slowly decreasing while the pounds slowly increase. I’m feeling great and enjoying this special journey. Like many other milestones in my life, I enjoy the ups and downs and don’t get worked up about things. Other than a slow start and less than desirable tiredness, this journey has been just like any other life changing event in my life. I’m living every day for what it is and surrounding myself with people who shower me with love.

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Gap has great maternity pants! I love the fit, look, and was able to buy styles that are what I’m used to. No belly panel needed when they make low waist pants that adjust for a growing belly.
  • I’m thankful for no back issues and that I’m able to wear heels again! I had some rough weeks during the first trimester, but my body seems to have moved and settled into a comfortable spot for the time being.
  • Baby Boy Leger is a moving, kicking machine! He wants to be known and is working hard to make sure random strangers know he’s in there. He’s not shy about seeing how much he can move my belly around.
  • His new favorite move is to move to one side to distort my round belly. No one has noticed the awkward look so he’s got more room to go, but it sure is funny to see him do this.

Things I’ve thought:

  • I’m starting to get excited about picking out furniture. Until this point, the thought hasn’t really crossed my mind. Now, I’m looking forward to buying stuff and setting up the nursery!
  • I should start working on my baby registry. That feels kind of overwhelming because I’ve seen how busy Babies ‘R Us is on the weekends.
  • I can’t wait until my husband paints the nursery!
  • I should start buying those natural birth books that I have in mind.
  • I hope the third trimester doesn’t wipe me out like the first. I love having energy!
  • I promise to enjoy the 12 weeks at home with my little guy!

Six months!!

 April 21, 2010
April 21 marks another milestone…six months! Twenty-four weeks later and I’m starting to feel like this journey is going to be over before I know it. As the days and weeks fly by, we’re four short months away from meeting Little Boy Leger! While time feels like it will be moving at warped speed, time seems to have stopped when you think about the clothes you’ll wear to cover this growing belly. With four months to go, I’m about to take the plunge into maternity pants. I’ve dipped my toes into the shirts, but haven’t spent a lot of time or money on anything maternity. I took the first big step by looking online today. No purchases were made, but items were saved for later. Instead of buying pants tonight, I’m spending my money on some baskets for an awesome project my husband just completed. 

Twenty-four weeks, two days - April 22

Fun facts about our six month mark:
  • Belly button: flat. Yes, that is possible.
  • Weight gain: 15 lbs.
  • Swelling: my feet swelled and then stopped swelling.
  • Stretch marks: none. Yippee!
  • Movements: still very active, but no sudden movements after loud noises – he must be used to the beagle. One noticeable position change that altered the nice round shape to my belly. Grandma and dad got to feel some pretty good kicks this week while attending a wedding.
  • True to boy form, I’m carrying this little guy low.
  • Sleep: going well but I do wake up every time I change sides. I only wake up because it requires the stars to be aligned in order to transition the body from one side to the other.
  • Energy level: the same (so much better than the first trimester!)
  • Cravings: not much but I have had some unhealthy thoughts about pop. Pretty much along the lines of how delicious a Mt. Dew would taste or the feeling of popping the top of a can. Trust me, popping the top of a SevenUp is meaningless.
  • Heartburn: Ick! Please go away as quietly as you snuck up on me.

Six month side shot

Twenty-three weeks

April 14, 2010

What I know this week:

  • My body is retaining water and swelling…occasionally. For instance, I had 2-3 days of no ankles.
  • Yoga makes me feel great, but makes me sore.
  • Getting off the bed or couch is getting more difficult each week.
  • Chocolate has regained its spot in my heart.
  • I’m at a point where the weeks and pounds are rolling together. Life is moving along at a steady pace and my body is changing, but there’s nothing drastic.
  • No, we haven’t picked out a name. Or had more than one serious conversation about it.
  • No, we haven’t picked out any nursery furniture. No, I’m not worried about it. I have four months to go and life is too hectic right now.
  • Yes, maybe we’ve picked out the bedding. That should ease the feelings of uncertainty or panic that many of you are feeling because we haven’t done anything but start growing the baby. We may change our minds.

Twenty-two weeks

April 7, 2010

Twenty-two weeks - April 7

5.5 months pregnant! We’ve moved from baby step countdowns to THE countdown! We’ve had many milestones over the course of this pregnancy…taking the pregnancy test, first doctors appt., first trimester, telling family and friends, second trimester, finding out the sex, and reaching the halfway mark. The numbers are still getting higher, but in their place I see another set of numbers getting smaller. It’s like reaching the top of a large mountain and beginning the decent down the other side. Now, I’ve never climbed a large moutain so I’m guessing about the emotional feelings. But, I know that regardless of the analogy, we’re starting that homestretch!

We’ve got lots of things planned for the next 4.5 months. After all, our “nursery” has a striking resemblance for a computer room with a futon. Wait, that’s because it is. And our spare bedroom is becoming covered in little boy clothes, books, and picture frames. We haven’t made any big purchases for Little Boy Leger because we wanted to know what color of things we’d buy before we went crazy. Now that we know it’s blues instead of pinks, we’ve got other things to get done before we start buying his furniture and decorating his room. We’ve got lots of color decisions to make over the next month…what color of furniture, which furniture, what colors to paint the walls, and what colors to decorate the room.

I’ve officially crossed the milestone of gaining 10 pounds. The doctors want you to gain 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks and say you should gain a pound a week after that. That puts me right in the middle of that 25-40 pounds that she said I should gain. While, I was a couple of weeks later getting into that 10 pound gain, I won’t work too hard to “catch” up. My body has started doing an excellent job of adding a pound a week, so I’ll trust it knows what it’s doing. 🙂

Twenty-two week belly shot

My belly was measured this week to gain a starting point for all the other appointments. From pelvis to top of uterus is 23 inches. Typically the inches correlate to the weeks of pregnancy. Like I said, this is the starting point to measure his growth from here on out. But, being 22 weeks with 23 inches tells me he’s pretty much on track. As much as some people (ahem, my husband) try to tell me I might be further along than the doctors think, Little Boy Leger is measuring in right on schedule.

Twenty weeks

Twenty weeks.
Five months.
Halfway through this pregnancy.
Huge milestones.
Eight pounds for momma, eleven ounces for baby.

This week marks a lot of things for our little family. We found out Little Baby Leger is Little Boy Leger. We found out a lot about him through the 45 minute ultrasound.

He has a four chamber heart, which is a very good, healthy thing.
His spine looks good.
He has hands, feet, and toes like he’s supposed to.
His stomach is working away like it’s supposed to.
His measurements confirm that he should be arriving on August 12.
He weighs eleven ounces, which is right on track for where he should be. According to the books, he should be the size of a large banana, about 7 inches long from head to butt.
And most of all, we saw that he is a HE! No more Baby this or that. It’s HE.

Twenty weeks

This past week has brought about an abundance in kicking. During my travels home this week, I grabbed some Skittles and quickly learned that the sugar was making him very active! He started kicking and moving around like crazy. I guess I better limit the sweets otherwise this kid is going to be hooked on them.

I’ve reached a milestone in this pregnancy and there’s no turning back. Moving around in bed is a lot harder and requires more grunts and groans to hoist my body around. Getting off chairs is a little trickier because my stomach muscles are basically useless in moving me around. Think about how you get up. Do you lead with your midsection? You can’t really do that when it’s full of a baby! I have become more comfortable at night and wake up less with restless body parts. I’m assuming my blood is circulating better now so I’m feeling less of an impact.

While everyone else is gearing up for allergies, my sinus change is a dryness. It’s quite bothersome and I hope that it doesn’t lead to nose bleeds. I’ve never had one and would hate to start now. I just keep putting water in the humidifier and using saline spray. I’ve been dealing with this since becoming pregnant, but I fear my allergies will add another jolt to this adventure.