Twenty weeks

Twenty weeks. Five months. Halfway through this pregnancy. Huge milestones. Eight pounds for momma, eleven ounces for baby. This week marks a lot of things for our little family. We found out Little Baby Leger is Little Boy Leger. We found out a lot about him through the 45 minute ultrasound. He has a four … Continue reading Twenty weeks

19 weeks

Nineteen weeks into this pregnancy and my body is no longer what I’ve known for the past 27 years. It’s officially being taken over by the baby bump. T-shirts are still wearable, but we’re stretching them past their desire. As with everything else, I’ll deny it for a couple more weeks until they scream out … Continue reading 19 weeks

18 weeks

Also known as 4.5 months for those not privy to the gestational period for pregnancy. There is no finger-pointing in that statement. In my world, life is determined by weeks. In my husband’s world, life is still determined by months. I find that most people know that you find out the sex at 20 weeks, but … Continue reading 18 weeks

Random Thoughts

I wonder if it’s safe to say that I get bigger every day. Around 1 pm to be exact. Why do 1 out of 4 people find out I’m pregnant and then ask if I’m having twins. Am I that huge or is it because I have a small frame? How much would my husband … Continue reading Random Thoughts

Seventeen weeks

Wednesday, March 3 I marked today by almost falling down the stairs. I live in a world of construction zones and was walking down the stairs thinking, “It would be really bad if I fell down these cement stairs with metal brackets.” And then I tripped on my pants. It was ok because I caught … Continue reading Seventeen weeks

No easy solution

When the pants in your closet don’t fit, the mall isn’t the solution. I learned that tonight. I’m struggling an inner battle of not buying maternity pants, regardless of how comfortable people say they are. Because of this mindset, I headed out to the mall tonight to buy “a size up.” The first mistake I made … Continue reading No easy solution

Fifeteen weeks

Disclaimer: I am well aware that my eyes look funny. Photoshop wasn’t much help with the reflection on my glasses. Just ignore it. What I’ve learned in the last 105 days… This week I’ve finally had a break from the migraines! I invested in an amazing Camelback water bottle and I probably drank my headaches … Continue reading Fifeteen weeks

Fourteen weeks

This week was an exciting week for Bryan and I. We had our first doctor’s appointment and we got to hear our little baby’s heart beat! I’ve heard how amazing it is, but words can’t describe just how awesome it really was. We were both speechless. Our doctor told us the heart beat was about 140 … Continue reading Fourteen weeks