19 weeks

Nineteen weeks into this pregnancy and my body is no longer what I’ve known for the past 27 years. It’s officially being taken over by the baby bump. T-shirts are still wearable, but we’re stretching them past their desire. As with everything else, I’ll deny it for a couple more weeks until they scream out for mercy. My new-found love is my bella band. It’s perfect for those pants that are too tight. Instead of putting pressure on my belly, aka my baby, I’m able to wear some of my regular pants again. My bella band is white so it blends in with my white tank top.  

Little Baby Leger spends a lot of time moving and kicking. These little flutters are consistent and are more frequent after I’ve filled my belly. Bryan and I marvel in the changes between a full belly and a “normal” belly. The tightness of a full belly is quite amazing. Sometimes after meals I’m uncomfortable and feel like I’ve pushed my body to it’s stretching limits. I guess I should get used to it, this 1 pound a week has to go somewhere.

I’m still amazed by the number of exclamations I receive about how small people think I look. With a growing baby the size of a mango, I can’t help but think people are crazy if they don’t see it. I also surprised by the number of people who tell me I shouldn’t find out the sex of this baby. The first question is, “are you going to find out?” When I say yes, they immediately tell me it’s better to have it be a surprise. Well, it’s been a surprise to me for the last 19 weeks, I’ll take a rain check on waiting another 21. I promise that I will be just as surprised to set eyes upon this baby and knowing if it’s a boy or girl will not take away from the joy and surprise that I don’t even know yet.

Nineteen weeks and five days. Weight gain: 6 lbs.

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