Twenty weeks

Twenty weeks.
Five months.
Halfway through this pregnancy.
Huge milestones.
Eight pounds for momma, eleven ounces for baby.

This week marks a lot of things for our little family. We found out Little Baby Leger is Little Boy Leger. We found out a lot about him through the 45 minute ultrasound.

He has a four chamber heart, which is a very good, healthy thing.
His spine looks good.
He has hands, feet, and toes like he’s supposed to.
His stomach is working away like it’s supposed to.
His measurements confirm that he should be arriving on August 12.
He weighs eleven ounces, which is right on track for where he should be. According to the books, he should be the size of a large banana, about 7 inches long from head to butt.
And most of all, we saw that he is a HE! No more Baby this or that. It’s HE.

Twenty weeks

This past week has brought about an abundance in kicking. During my travels home this week, I grabbed some Skittles and quickly learned that the sugar was making him very active! He started kicking and moving around like crazy. I guess I better limit the sweets otherwise this kid is going to be hooked on them.

I’ve reached a milestone in this pregnancy and there’s no turning back. Moving around in bed is a lot harder and requires more grunts and groans to hoist my body around. Getting off chairs is a little trickier because my stomach muscles are basically useless in moving me around. Think about how you get up. Do you lead with your midsection? You can’t really do that when it’s full of a baby! I have become more comfortable at night and wake up less with restless body parts. I’m assuming my blood is circulating better now so I’m feeling less of an impact.

While everyone else is gearing up for allergies, my sinus change is a dryness. It’s quite bothersome and I hope that it doesn’t lead to nose bleeds. I’ve never had one and would hate to start now. I just keep putting water in the humidifier and using saline spray. I’ve been dealing with this since becoming pregnant, but I fear my allergies will add another jolt to this adventure.

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