Seventeen weeks

Wednesday, March 3

I marked today by almost falling down the stairs. I live in a world of construction zones and was walking down the stairs thinking,

“It would be really bad if I fell down these cement stairs with metal brackets.”

And then I tripped on my pants. It was ok because I caught my balance and so it was more of a little glitch in my step. As I continued my pace down the stairs, I thought,

“Wow, it really would be bad if I fell down these.”

And then I tripped even more! My heel got caught on the leg of my pants and I grabbed the railing to balance myself. My knees buckled a little but the railing caught me before I slipped off the steps, or worse yet, feel face first half way down the cement stairs. I righted myself and continued on down the stairs. After I turned the corner I checked my hands to make sure the railings weren’t still wet with stain. Luckily they weren’t.

So, I celebrated my seventeenth week by almost falling down the stairs and hurting myself severely. But, all is well and there were no hurt body parts.

Here’s the belly picture I know you want to see. As you can see, I’ve popped out a little more since last week. Pictured: One of my old pairs of pants that I can still wear. After lunch I usually have to unbutton one of the two buttons, but I’m still considering them a success.

As you can see, I altered the pictures differently in Photoshop. One just wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped, so my shirt looks like it went from green to yellow. Oh well, you just want to see the baby bump anyway. 🙂

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