Fourteen weeks

This week was an exciting week for Bryan and I. We had our first doctor’s appointment and we got to hear our little baby’s heart beat! I’ve heard how amazing it is, but words can’t describe just how awesome it really was. We were both speechless. Our doctor told us the heart beat was about 140 beats per minute and right on track for what it should be. We took the opportunity to learn a little straight from the doctor (instead of the books and internet) and she explained that it stays that rate until birth. Later, I told Bryan I wished he would have recorded it so we could listen to it again. My memory doesn’t do it justice! When I told my mom what the heart beat was, she told me about an old wives tale about 140 beats meaning it’s a boy. I didn’t believe it to still be true and decided if this baby is a boy, it’s probably because we have six nephews and not due to the old wives.

After our appointment, we spent some time with my grandma. We took her some Valentine’s day flowers and shared the good news with her. I had a really bad migraine by this point, but really wanted to be able to tell her in person. I’m glad I suffered through because the look on her face was awesome. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her face light up and glow like it did that afternoon. It will be a memory I remember forever. I always enjoy talking to my grandma about life experiences and hearing how things were for her. It’s a cool thing to be able to talk about such a life changing event with someone who has watched you grow up.

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