Twenty-five weeks

April 28, 2010

Another week, another pound. The days are slowly decreasing while the pounds slowly increase. I’m feeling great and enjoying this special journey. Like many other milestones in my life, I enjoy the ups and downs and don’t get worked up about things. Other than a slow start and less than desirable tiredness, this journey has been just like any other life changing event in my life. I’m living every day for what it is and surrounding myself with people who shower me with love.

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Gap has great maternity pants! I love the fit, look, and was able to buy styles that are what I’m used to. No belly panel needed when they make low waist pants that adjust for a growing belly.
  • I’m thankful for no back issues and that I’m able to wear heels again! I had some rough weeks during the first trimester, but my body seems to have moved and settled into a comfortable spot for the time being.
  • Baby Boy Leger is a moving, kicking machine! He wants to be known and is working hard to make sure random strangers know he’s in there. He’s not shy about seeing how much he can move my belly around.
  • His new favorite move is to move to one side to distort my round belly. No one has noticed the awkward look so he’s got more room to go, but it sure is funny to see him do this.

Things I’ve thought:

  • I’m starting to get excited about picking out furniture. Until this point, the thought hasn’t really crossed my mind. Now, I’m looking forward to buying stuff and setting up the nursery!
  • I should start working on my baby registry. That feels kind of overwhelming because I’ve seen how busy Babies ‘R Us is on the weekends.
  • I can’t wait until my husband paints the nursery!
  • I should start buying those natural birth books that I have in mind.
  • I hope the third trimester doesn’t wipe me out like the first. I love having energy!
  • I promise to enjoy the 12 weeks at home with my little guy!

1 thought on “Twenty-five weeks

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy every moment of it. Though sometimes it sucks especially during the first trimester.

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