One screw short

Everyone loves feet, right? Wait, almost everyone hates feet. Well, feet don’t really gross me out. Not that I like looking at feet that aren’t pretty though. Anyway, my right foot has been the topic of many blog posts. I broke it, I was on bed rest for six weeks, and then it started bothering me again. … Continue reading One screw short

New domain!

I finally decided to purchase my own domain. After four years of blogging, it appears I’m sticking around. 🙂 is now live! will still work, it’ll just send you to I’m excited about the new change and my brain is a flurry of exciting things I want to do. I’ve had this … Continue reading New domain!

Budgeting OUR money

I’ve gotten a few questions about how we budget so I thought I’d answer them on here. Do you have separate accounts? We used. Then we took the leap to join them. It’s difficult to talk about finances and “give up your money.” It’s been one of our greatest changes. No secrets or different ways … Continue reading Budgeting OUR money