One screw short

Everyone loves feet, right? Wait, almost everyone hates feet. Well, feet don’t really gross me out. Not that I like looking at feet that aren’t pretty though. Anyway, my right foot has been the topic of many blog posts. I broke it, I was on bed rest for six weeks, and then it started bothering me again. … Continue reading One screw short

Follow-up on my broken foot

Every week, people find my blog by searching about foot injuries. Either sticking your foot in a bucket of ice, recovery after a cast, or how you know it’s broke. I’ve had a few people email me to say the same thing happened to them or that recover was hard. I’m two years out, and have … Continue reading Follow-up on my broken foot

Getting back into it

I’ve noticed that my foot is improving my leaps and bounds lately. I’ve been wearing tennis shoes for the past few weeks, regardless of my outfit. Now that it’s nice out I’ve been itching to participate in flip flop season, but haven’t been able to handle the lack of support. I’m happy to report that … Continue reading Getting back into it

{Hopefully} Final Update on my Foot

I am lame. And busy. Below is a status update on my foot, in the form of an email note to my staff and co-workers. My doctor cleared me this afternoon! He’s satisfied with my progress and doesn’t recommend physical therapy. It will take 6 months to a year to gain full mobility, but I … Continue reading {Hopefully} Final Update on my Foot

First rule of recovery

First rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club. First rule of babies sleeping through the night {or napping} is don’t talk about babies sleeping through the night. First rule of recovery is don’t talk about how the pain went away. Here I am….ready to talk about the pain that went away. {Gasp!} I’ve … Continue reading First rule of recovery