Another post about my foot

Recovery. I got sick of talking about my foot. We all know I spent way too many blog posts whining about it. But, I couldn’t have those words in my head anymore. They had to come out, so thank you for suffering a long with me!

When I got my cast off and released back to work, I had a whirlwind of a weekend. I had all these hopes and dreams of WALKING! SHOWERING! DEEP CLEANING! CARRYING MAXIMUS! Instead, I got a full walking boot and quickly realized I was going to not be using the walking aspect of it. I couldn’t put any weight on it. It was like an electric shock sent through my foot. I limped out of the doctor’s office with my crutches carrying me. It was nice to take a shower, but it was anything but easy. Crutches as close as you can get to the shower, then crawl into the shower while being 100% in love with the bench that you have before despised.

After a week I was using the crutches to help me walk on both feet. I didn’t think I was making much progress, but at least I was putting my foot down. Then something happened and I realized that I needed to figure out how to walk without the crutches and boot. So, one Sunday morning I decided I wasn’t going to use the crutches when I got out of bed. I unsteadily walked into the living room with just my boot. I quickly realized that if I tried to walk normal, I didn’t have electric currents running through my foot. Babying my foot actually made it hurt more. So, that was the end of the crutches {Bryan still made me take a pair to work}. I spent a lot of that week not leaving my desk more than I had to. 🙂

This weekend was another one of those turning points. I needed to be able to drive and resume a normal life. I started by not wearing the boot at night. My foot was extra sensitive and hurt a lot on the tile floor, but I realized it wasn’t unbearable. Yesterday I wore tennis shoes for the first time! And I drove to pick up Maximus! I don’t have 100% range of motion back, but I’ve got more than enough to be able to drive safely and pain-free. I wore my tennis shoes for the second half of my work day today and only had a few mouth clenching moments. At the end of the day my foot wasn’t unreasonably swollen and I walked around the house without shoes. I even ventured out on the deck and went back and forth on the tile floor.

I like to push myself to the edge. I even thought I could handle a toddler sized walk! {It was that or continue to listen to him cry because he wanted to go outside.} While on our walk, Maximus started walking up someone’s driveway. I was nervous because of the slope, his speed, and the fact that their garage door was open. {Plus, I wondered if they were watching us!} I tried to quickly walk after him. I have no idea what I was thinking! Up until this point I had been steadily walking along, maybe even losing the limp. I basically slammed my previously broken foot down into the pavement and pushed off. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the walk home with a noticeable limp!

Now I’m sitting in the recliner trying to get the swelling to go down. It’s funny, I haven’t seen much of my ankle bone since I broke my foot, now I see a whole lot of it! I’ll do it all again tomorrow, but try to skip the high impact stuff!

Giant ankle is not normal

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