{Hopefully} Final Update on my Foot

I am lame. And busy. Below is a status update on my foot, in the form of an email note to my staff and co-workers.

My doctor cleared me this afternoon!

He’s satisfied with my progress and doesn’t recommend physical therapy. It will take 6 months to a year to gain full mobility, but I can do all the stretching and strength building at home. I mentioned my fear about softball this summer and he told me I need to “train” for it. I need to build up the strength in my legs, ankle, and foot before starting up. He didn’t think I’d need to wear a brace or do anything special to it. Hopefully that will also help me move along in full recovery. He pulled all restrictions for shoe wear, but did tell me to continue wearing tight fitting shoes until my swelling goes down completely. He mentioned that my foot was more swollen than is typical from this injury so he believes I probably injured tendons and other parts of my foot. I’m also supposed to work hard on eliminating my limp. He thinks most of it is subconscious but some is probably from “teaching” my foot to not be completely weight-bearing.

All good news and I’m happy to put it all behind me!

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