Getting back into it

I’ve noticed that my foot is improving my leaps and bounds lately. I’ve been wearing tennis shoes for the past few weeks, regardless of my outfit. Now that it’s nice out I’ve been itching to participate in flip flop season, but haven’t been able to handle the lack of support. I’m happy to report that yesterday I walked around outside barefoot and put on a pair of supportive-ish flip flops while I pushed Maximus up and down the street in his stroller. I’ve also been doing strength training exercises to boost up the support in my ankle in hops of running some day soon. I think the thing that really helped kickstart major improvements was a yoga class. I pushed the limits and really stretched my ankle out. After that I started noticing improvements in my limp and rangeability.

My goal for the work week is to wear shoes that aren’t tennis shoes. This basically means flats because I’m a little nervous about putting my foot into a skinny heel. It seems so scary and not wide enough to support a foot. {My how my views have changed! Ha!}

Tonight I rode {is that what I call it if it’s stationary?} my bike for 5.5 miles. We’ll see how my foot feels in the morning, but so far I haven’t noticed anything. There didn’t seem to be any difference while I was on the bike. I could tell my ankles didn’t move at the same rate, but no pain!

I might be able to run sooner than I think! 🙂 Then again, if I’m going to play softball in 8 weeks I better get going!

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