Our happiness level is soaring

I’m on my third week back at work. We’ve all gotten back into the routine of working parents. Maximus still favors Bryan, but spends a lot more time asking me to hold him. I realized last night that I am not contributing to the mornings. I’m getting up as late as possible and only getting myself ready. What’s life without a little room for improvement, right?! 🙂 I suppose it’s a good thing that Bryan has become so used to taking care of me, Maximus, and the dog. Our new working schedule doesn’t throw him off his game too much. Some mornings he’s a little more frazzled than the rest of us, but I’m sure if I started helping that would change. {I failed at the get-up-when-the-alarm-goes-off thing this morning.}

Nights are much better now that I’m moving around. I suppose the 70 degree weather could also play a small part in my happiness level. We’re all enjoying some playtime after work and easily making supper {so far Bryan, not me!}. Some nights are a little touch and go with the crying, especially when you tell Maximus he can’t go outside. Toddler man LOVES the outside! It was probably created for him.

Something that has been helping our nights is the early bedtime. Maximus has been consistently going to bed by 7:30 for a week now. Like requesting it. I thought he was going through a growth spurt or something since he was eating ALL.THE.FOOD last week. Now I’m not so sure. He might just be wore out! Maybe he’s not getting enough restful sleep during his naps. Or maybe he’s like his mama and has decided he would like a little extra sleep. {Why can’t I figure out that I should consistently go to bed EARLIER?}

Basically, life is just really nice right now. We’re spending a lot of time together as a family and watching Maximus grow and learn every day. At least once a day we comment about something amazing he’s done. The words he says or the actions he makes, it’s so awesome to watch him grow into a little person.

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4 thoughts on “Our happiness level is soaring

  1. What a happy post!

    I always say I need to go to bed earlier, but it rarely happens. I just really love the quiet at night, knowing all the kids are sleeping and won’t need me until the morning. And I get up when the alarm goes off, but not very happily, and I sometimes go back to bed after kids are off to school (luxury of stay home life).

    I’m so glad things are going well for y’all.

    1. Thanks, Nicole!

  2. Yay! I like it when you fall into a routine that works! 🙂

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