Little bodies fill my heart with happiness

Little feet shuffle past as he quickly runs to his next activity. Everything is an activity. Changing his diaper, throwing something in the garbage, getting his blanket, letting the dog out of the kennel. Every activity requires top level running skills. He’s worked hard to master those skills. Arms swishing back and forth in opposite directions of his feet. Cheeks jiggling ever so gently. Eyes cast downward in concentration. Run is hard work. It is very serious business.

On the off chance that he isn’t running somewhere, he walks quickly. With intent in his eyes. His right thumb in his mouth, unconsciously sucking away. His left thumb and forefinger are clutching the tag on the inside seam of his shirt. No more onsies for this toddler. He needs to feel the silky material of the tag beneath his fingers. He needs to touch it ever so gently when he’s moving or standing still thinking.

He takes a break from all the busy work to snuggle with his momma. He stops suddenly, slowly backs up until his feet touch her legs. Without glancing back, he plops down with ease and carelessness. The kind that only toddlers and children have for their parents. He knows no harm and hasn’t learned to trust carefully. The weight of his body falls into her lap. He leans his head back, sticks his right thumb in his mouth, and gently caresses his shirt tag with his left.



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