Count by numbers

  • 23 movies
  • 2.5 seasons of Dexter
  • 1 season of Mad Men
  • 2 seasons of Entourage
  • Countless DVR episodes
  • 6 books {Hunger Games series and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series}
  • 588 hours on the couch {estimate based on 12 hrs per day}
  • 3 diaper changes {for Maximus}
  • 10 times outside of the house {4 in the same week}
  • 7 weeks on bed rest
  • 20 frozen meals from friends
  • 5 lunch dates with friends
  • 0 cooked meals by my husband {thanks to our friends!}
  • 5 internet purchases
  • Hundreds of hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • 588 hours that the tv was on {estimate based on 12 hrs per day}
  • 1 time driving using my left foot

Seven weeks of bed rest meant I had A LOT of time on my hands. Amazingly, it went relatively quickly, especially when I spent my days watching a tv series.


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