Out in public…TWICE!

I get to leave the house! Twice in one day! I haven’t been out of the house in almost three weeks. That’s a lot of time on the couch. LOT OF TIME. Besides the excitement of going out in public and seeing complete strangers, I also did my hair and makeup for the first time in seven weeks. Because I like to go over the top, I also put on jeans. JEANS! And a normal shirt. Like whoa, no sweats and t-shirt.









With a little imagination to my outfit, I decided it was only appropriate to match my shirt to my cast. After all, it’s probably the only time I’ll wear jeans with my cast. I am a little nervous about taking them off, it was tight maneuvering them. I know I wouldn’t have been able to wear them a week ago because I had to contort my foot to get them on. BUT! I’m wearing jeans! It makes me feel semi-normal again. My next dilemma is whether jeans are appropriate to wear to my board meeting tonight. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it since I have an excuse, but we’re having pictures taken. It’s not ideal, but I’m also not confident that dress pants will fit over the cast. So, I might focus on dressing up the top half of my body and hope the dark jeans blend in. Two “real” outfits in one day! Whoa.

My first outing went well. Taxes, wahoo. I could have done without the slight incline and wind trying to push me backwards on the way to the building. That’s hard when you’re on crutches. I think it was my longest walk on crutches, plus the incline and wind. I was very winded by the time I got to sit down! It also made me lightheaded. I guess that’s a good indication of what my body can handle right now. πŸ™ Recovery is going to be a long road cardio and muscle wise.

As we were getting ready to leave lunch, a couple stopped by our booth. The woman was so nice. She told me that two years later she was wearing boots with heels and doing just fine. So, whatever my break was I would be back to normal in no time. Her injuries were A LOT worse than mine, but it was so sweet for her to stop by and reassure me. At this point, my mental game is pretty good. Those words would have been amazing a month ago when I was really struggling. Nonetheless, it was still nice to hear that everything will be normal again. This will all be a distant memory…someday.

2 thoughts on “Out in public…TWICE!

  1. Good for you for staying positive. I say dark jeans will be fine in pictures tonight–will look like dress pants I’m sure.

    1. It hasn’t been an easy road! And thank you for the reassuring clothing advice! πŸ™‚

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