First rule of recovery

First rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club. First rule of babies sleeping through the night {or napping} is don’t talk about babies sleeping through the night. First rule of recovery is don’t talk about how the pain went away. Here I am….ready to talk about the pain that went away. {Gasp!}

I’ve been a very good patient and have followed the doctor’s orders. I haven’t spent much time upright and my foot has been elevated above my heart for six weeks. {Holy cow! Six weeks!} When I got this new cast put on I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever be able to walk again. Between my foot turning purple whenever it gets blood, to the swelling when it’s down, to the pain. I couldn’t see how it would ever STOP. And when he said I could use my foot to balance {but not put weight on it}, well I thought he was out of his mind!

I’m happy to say that a week into this new cast, I can use my foot to balance, sometimes, when I’m sitting down. That sounds ridiculous, right? I used to have to stick it out because of the pain. Now I can pretend put it down on the floor. It’s a hover dance essentially. I’ve tried to do the same when I’m standing, but it’s very difficult to stand and pretend use my foot without putting any weight on it. Difficult! I’ve often wondered if it would be easier if my broken foot wasn’t my dominate foot. {See also: the reason I can’t do ANYTHING. Crutches. One foot on the ground. The other balancing in the air or above the floor. Could you use our hands to do anything with all of that?!}

Wednesday was my turning point for pain. I didn’t have any until 10 pm! Thankfully it wasn’t too intense when it did start. Saturday was the next day that I experienced any kind of discomfort. {!!!} I feel like I’m finally experiencing a “normal” broken foot. I’ve even been able to lay on my side and sleep!

With this new turn of events, I’ve got some pretty hefty goals for the weekend. They include being upright a little more to see if I can get past the purple foot and swelling point. Maybe then my foot will self-regulate. {I’m not a doctor. I don’t know!} Right now I get very uncomfortable being upright because of it, but I wonder if I can stay upright long enough to get past it. So! I’m going to try drying and styling my hair! 🙂 I’m also going to try to eat a meal or two at the table.

We’ve got big things going on this weekend. BIG. THINGS! I can’t wait until I have more exciting things to talk about instead of boring broken foot recovery posts.

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