My kids are funny 

In my opinion, my kids are very funny! 🙂 

Maximus, while driving home. 

Look! There’s the nursery home!

A nursing home is across the street from our house. 

Quinten, while listening to Maximus ask for a sucker. 

NO! Two wait! No Max-mus. Two wait! 

Translation: too late. It was 5 pm. 

Quinten, every night before bed. 

No nap time. No dark out. 

Also every night. 

Sing me mommy. Sing wheels. Kitty. Doggy. 


I’ll be back mommy. I’ll be back in a Jimmy.

Maximus, while I was trying to redirect Quinten. 

You’re just trying to astract him.

My favorite Quintenisms,

No me whike. 

Too fits. 

Translation: I don’t like

Translation: Too small 


They may be learning different things, but they have the same sweet sleeping faces. 


Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

When I used to get baby and toddler socks, I thought they were so cute. Our most recent gift was a bunch of crew cut mustaches. MUSTACHES! As if my two-year-old could possibly exist without mustache socks. seriously. I don’t even care that the colors don’t match his outfits. They make the outfit. 

Socks. Small socks. They have become my thing. That House Thing that drives me a little nutty. Thankfully, Wrigley could care less about socks. That’s good for our budget and my sanity. 

These little socks are everywhere. Every room I walk into, I see socks. Sometimes next to their mate, but usually strung about hanging out with other misfits. It’s maddening. These socks that are never clearly labeled clean or dirty

People say dryers eat socks. I don’t believe it. My house eats the socks. More specifically, my small children feed their socks to my house. And then they whine and plead for an adult to go get them socks from their room. Quinten is obviously the worst. Having a toddler is a lot like living with royalty until you can teach them to use those little legs and hands to do it themselves. 

Where my socks? Go get them. Get my socks. 

It’s a super cold May day and I’m feeling extra bitter about it. If it wasn’t so cold out, they wouldn’t require socks. If it was nice out, I could put them in boxes! Forever. 

These adorable little sport socks that are inside out and in all the wrong places. Never where we need them to be and probably worn for days at a time. These small socks that are in constant need to be picked up, washed, sorted, matched, and put away. Only to be flung around the house before they make it onto little feet or tossed aside after coming in the house. 


These socks. 

Leger Band 

The Leger Band has been around for a few years. It’s no surprise given the talent my husband has. {Proud wife moment.} It’s one of the rare activities that is mostly fight-free. Although we do have some fighting over specific drums or sticks. But, compared to all other activities this one is the most “together” they can get. 

I love it almost all times they break out in music. {Unless I have a headache, of course.} I love it enough that I might allow some real instruments when we finish our basement. But, until then they’re doing ok with the plastic stuff.

Little brother stereotypes, unlocked.

When it comes to second-child stereotypes, Quinten is the poster-child for many things. Ornery and sweet are the most common descriptions of our little blondie. Other names we call him: turkey, firecracker, and trouble maker. Although ornery shows itself more often than the sweet, he still gives killer hugs. Like, squeeze as hard as his little two-year-old arms can squeeze and wrap those chubby little legs around your stomach hugs. He’s made his own bedtime routine: go to bed, listen to Maximus go to bed, and request another hug from whoever is leaving Maximus’ room.

More, more hug. Pease. Hug.

2015 Easter

2015 Easter

He has these looks that can stop you in your tracks. He loves a good pout face with eyes downward and a serious scowl. But there’s always a smirk right behind it. It’s a bit scary to watch the transformation between a mean look and a smirk that says he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

It’s no surprise that he can do everything his brother can do. Including stealing his brother’s car seat when Maximus isn’t around. {I forgot that 2-year-olds move their chest clip around. In this picture he’s moving it up to his neck. We taught Maximus to teach other people where it needs to go, on his tickle. That was the best way to ensure he was buckled in properly. Totally forgot this kid doesn’t know that and that he probably won’t listen to us or tell others.}

Car seat swap

Proud of his car seat swap

He loves hard and fights harderThis weekend I heard Maximus and Quinten yelling at each other outside. I went to the window to make sure everything was ok. I watched the yelling stop, Maximus push Quinten, and Quinten turn in the opposite direction. Before I could scold Maximus for pushing his little brother, Quinten veered around and charged after Maximus. It ended in Maximus hurt and screaming. After he was done, Quinten walked away and picked up a wheel barrel and walked away. So. Don’t be worried about the baby of our house. He’s doing just fine. It’s the rest of us who could use some prayers! We all struggle with how to handle our “baby.” How to play with him when he doesn’t share very well yet, how to discipline him when he likes to climb out of timeout, and how to reinforce the good behavior so he’ll keep doing it.

Rare picture of just the three of us.

Rare picture of just the three of us.

After a trying weekend with both children, he’s soaking up the single child thing while Maximus is at preschool. He’s all sweet and funny and not even a little bit naughty. Other than his hair sticking up, there’s almost no trace of ornery. This morning he’s been playing with a dump truck, sound effects and all. Picking up cars and dumping them off at what I can only assume is a construction site.

He’s all manners and helpfulness this morning. Except, of course, when he wants you to do something or get him something. Then he’s pretty demanding and yelly.

 Get my shoes! In Maximus’ room. Get them! Get my shoes MOMMY!

Cheering on the Cyclones at a spring football game.

Cheering on the Cyclones at a spring football game.


Another stereotype he’s locked down is sneaking into Maximus’ room when Maximus is gone. I was putting groceries away while he sat on Maximus’ floor playing with blocks {and ruining structures}. Then, sitting on Maximus’ bed reading books. While big brother is away, always hang out in your brother’s room.

I have the rare luxury of spending a couple of hours alone with my little guy. I’m not sure who’s having more fun, but I need to make an effort to do this morning often. With both of them. Everyone benefits from some alone time with only one child {or a husband, too}!

How do you make sure you spend alone time with your little ones? Or husband?

It’s not always easy

It’s been one of those days. It ended with Quinten spitting on my sweatshirt when I put him to bed. That’s a pretty accurate summary of his day. Some days can be such a challenge. Or maybe those days when you’re the only parent are really the ones that are challenging. Yesterday was A Day in itself. A super tired preschooler gave us both flashbacks to his 2-year-old days. So many tears at so many random things. We all thought today had to be better after a full night of sleep. It kind of was, except during the night Maximus lost all of his listening skills. All of them. I can’t count how many times I repeated myself today. Or how many times I said, “please use listening ears. Mommy doesn’t want to yell or repeat herself. Please listen.” I can count how many times Quinten was in time-out…three. And how many times I found him on the deck, going down the stairs, or in the grass…three. By the way, it was cold and rainy all day. Not a good day to play outside, even though we all wish it were.

Sometimes at the end of a long day, happy meals are the only answer. In an effort to feed them before they got hangry {hungry + angry}, I stopped on the way home and used it as a distraction. It’s a little out of character for me and maybe the second time I’ve been involved in them getting happy meals. It did result in a couple of cute brother moments, but only because Maximus didn’t complain {this time} about Quinten sharing his chair. I also didn’t have to threaten to put Quinten in his highchair during that meal! Maximus was also pretty nice when he offered the rest of his sandwich to Quinten {who had been asking for more sandwich.} Unfortunately, it didn’t buy me as much quiet and togetherness time as I’d hoped. In fact, it resulted in one of the Quinten escapes into the grass.

I know there’s a learning experience all kinds of character building in the 2-year-old and 4-year-old ages, but some days it’s hard to make it through a day without raised voices. Not that they help any. It doesn’t seem to matter if I talk quiet or loud or repeat myself many times, those little ears are not into listening right now. So I take the Starbucks as they come, try to sneak in a couple of minutes of reading, and be calmer the next time I’m repeating myself for a second and third time.

These moments help


Giving me a run for my money

In true two-year-old, second-child fashion, Quinten proves to be a Handful. His personality fills a room. Literally. Either with physical movement or loudness. He talks all.the.time and runs everywhere. And don’t think he let’s anyone do something without him doing it too. We hear a lot of “Me too!” and “My dude {d0} it!”

Our first walk of the season! {March 2015}

Tonight, he threw himself on the floor in a fit of rage because Maximus let Wrigley inside. A minute later Bryan tried talking him into a bath, which is normally not a hard sell. “No Mikey Mouse!” Maximus in true four-year-old fashion doesn’t hear a word anyone says. When he asked if we were having a movie night, Quinten charged him and yelled in his face. “NO! MICKEY MOUSE!” Well then. He doesn’t fade into the background, that’s for sure. Some would even say he has great leadership qualities. Although at this point, he needs to control his anger or no one will want to work for him. 🙂

Double ear infections for everyone!

I can’t exactly pinpoint all the things we’re “working” on right now. Let’s just say we have a lot of opportunities of improvement in our house. For instance, maybe a certain four-year-old could go to sleep when told instead of coming into the living room every ten minutes. And we all wish our little two-year-old would stop crawling out of his crib. Especially when he’s there for timeout. Seems to defeat the purpose of timeout if he decides he’s done.

He’s a second dinner kind of kid.

Here’s a funny story about his crib escapes. He chucks his water over the crib wall, hauls one leg up, balances on the railing, and whips himself over the edge. {I think he only fell the first time or two and he’s been doing it for two weeks.} Then he pulls out his night-light, heads into Maximus’ room and steals a few night-lights, and then comes into our room. “Daddy I up! Get it. Get my lights. Put up. Me do!” Yah, he’s doing a really good job of showing us he can handle an open bed. My head hurts thinking of all the things he’s going to do when we take off his crib walls. Which we’ll do just as soon as we can find the toddler railing…

Popular Quinten phrases at our house:
“Watch this!”
“What? WHAT! What daddy what?” In response to saying his name. The attitude is thick in this one.
“No me like.” Usually in reference to bread crust.
“Want some.”
“Wrigs. NO!”
“Uh oh skettios”
“Hands up! Bad guy!”
“Want orange juice!” Every night before bed.

Quinten just started loving Mickey Mouse so we’re having some flashbacks to over a year’s worth of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Luckily we have a DVD so we can pop that in and give him his Mickey fix. He’s getting really into it and talking to the tv. 🙂 Thankfully his timing works perfectly for all the Mickey Mouse pjs that Maximus used to wear. Turns out this second-child is benefitting from the hand-me-downs! {There’s also a considerable amount of fighting about clothes. I never thought I’d say that about boys, but it’s real.}

Questioning the meaning of cartoons.

Quinten has some wicked faces. There’s no misunderstanding his feelings. He has a scowl that burns through the back of your head. He’s a feisty, fireball, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, snuggle boy. He loves like no other but fights with a passion that is sure to get him in trouble.

Our house is definitely loud and messy. At any given moment someone is yelling, crying, or fighting. Some would say we’re making a lot of memories in our house. 🙂


Moving forward

This weekend Quinten got to join the rest of us and face the front of the car! We had reached that point in car seat occupancy where the child does everything in his power not to sit down. If you’ve had an 18 month old, you know what I’m talking about. Boy do I remember Maximus throwing absolute tantrums at that age. At least Quinten skipped those. The struggle has been hit or miss for a while but we knew we wouldn’t switch him around until winter was over. No sense in taking a chance with winter weather and safety. He consistently stands up instead of sitting down when I put him in his seat. This is the boy who I’m not strong enough to change a diaper on. {No joke. Bryan has been on dirty diaper duty for almost two years.} 

So it was time to switch his seat around. When I opened the door he said, “I a big boy! I see Maxus. I see daddy. I see mommy.” 

Unfortunately, I took a picture when they were all singing. Oh well, they all still look cute! 

His mind will really be blown when he gets to watch a movie instead of just listening to it.