Giving me a run for my money

3 thoughts on “Giving me a run for my money”

  1. Oh, 2-year-olds. My Q is wearing the same socks she wore yesterday (and overnight) because I didn’t have the energy to battle this morning. And the logical “honey, they’re dirty” didn’t seem to be cutting it! Some day, I hope our Qs can meet. They will be quite a pair!


  2. Wow this is so my house right now! Have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and she is always on the move. Never a dull moment. Right now I’m trying to have them share a room he has his bed she has her crib . But she like to jump out and doesn’t like to share a room just likes her night light and bottle and goes to sleep. But my son needs to start getting into routine before kindergarten so this is gonna be challenging :/

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