Giving me a run for my money

In true two-year-old, second-child fashion, Quinten proves to be a Handful. His personality fills a room. Literally. Either with physical movement or loudness. He talks all.the.time and runs everywhere. And don’t think he let’s anyone do something without him doing it too. We hear a lot of “Me too!” and “My dude {d0} it!”

Our first walk of the season! {March 2015}

Tonight, he threw himself on the floor in a fit of rage because Maximus let Wrigley inside. A minute later Bryan tried talking him into a bath, which is normally not a hard sell. “No Mikey Mouse!” Maximus in true four-year-old fashion doesn’t hear a word anyone says. When he asked if we were having a movie night, Quinten charged him and yelled in his face. “NO! MICKEY MOUSE!” Well then. He doesn’t fade into the background, that’s for sure. Some would even say he has great leadership qualities. Although at this point, he needs to control his anger or no one will want to work for him. 🙂

Double ear infections for everyone!

I can’t exactly pinpoint all the things we’re “working” on right now. Let’s just say we have a lot of opportunities of improvement in our house. For instance, maybe a certain four-year-old could go to sleep when told instead of coming into the living room every ten minutes. And we all wish our little two-year-old would stop crawling out of his crib. Especially when he’s there for timeout. Seems to defeat the purpose of timeout if he decides he’s done.

He’s a second dinner kind of kid.

Here’s a funny story about his crib escapes. He chucks his water over the crib wall, hauls one leg up, balances on the railing, and whips himself over the edge. {I think he only fell the first time or two and he’s been doing it for two weeks.} Then he pulls out his night-light, heads into Maximus’ room and steals a few night-lights, and then comes into our room. “Daddy I up! Get it. Get my lights. Put up. Me do!” Yah, he’s doing a really good job of showing us he can handle an open bed. My head hurts thinking of all the things he’s going to do when we take off his crib walls. Which we’ll do just as soon as we can find the toddler railing…

Popular Quinten phrases at our house:
“Watch this!”
“What? WHAT! What daddy what?” In response to saying his name. The attitude is thick in this one.
“No me like.” Usually in reference to bread crust.
“Want some.”
“Wrigs. NO!”
“Uh oh skettios”
“Hands up! Bad guy!”
“Want orange juice!” Every night before bed.

Quinten just started loving Mickey Mouse so we’re having some flashbacks to over a year’s worth of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Luckily we have a DVD so we can pop that in and give him his Mickey fix. He’s getting really into it and talking to the tv. 🙂 Thankfully his timing works perfectly for all the Mickey Mouse pjs that Maximus used to wear. Turns out this second-child is benefitting from the hand-me-downs! {There’s also a considerable amount of fighting about clothes. I never thought I’d say that about boys, but it’s real.}

Questioning the meaning of cartoons.

Quinten has some wicked faces. There’s no misunderstanding his feelings. He has a scowl that burns through the back of your head. He’s a feisty, fireball, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, snuggle boy. He loves like no other but fights with a passion that is sure to get him in trouble.

Our house is definitely loud and messy. At any given moment someone is yelling, crying, or fighting. Some would say we’re making a lot of memories in our house. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Giving me a run for my money

  1. Sara

    Oh, 2-year-olds. My Q is wearing the same socks she wore yesterday (and overnight) because I didn’t have the energy to battle this morning. And the logical “honey, they’re dirty” didn’t seem to be cutting it! Some day, I hope our Qs can meet. They will be quite a pair!

    1. Tonight, Quinten let Wrigley out and then I couldn’t convince him to come inside. It was only 40 out. I’m sure he’ll be sick tomorrow.

  2. Wow this is so my house right now! Have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and she is always on the move. Never a dull moment. Right now I’m trying to have them share a room he has his bed she has her crib . But she like to jump out and doesn’t like to share a room just likes her night light and bottle and goes to sleep. But my son needs to start getting into routine before kindergarten so this is gonna be challenging :/

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