Making it through the first day back

We all made it through the first working / school day / daycare day of 2015. Or at least I think we did. And that’s despite what we tried to make an early bedtime last night. It never works on the 4-year-old. He threw a fit about turning off cartoons, then about me not doing something else, then because I plugged his night lights in, and then because he didn’t want to go to bed. It was exhausting and Bryan high-fived me when I came out. “Nailed it!” We need humor to survive.

Maximus was super excited to go back to school. No specific reason, just excited. For maybe the first time ever, he greeted one of his teachers without me prompting him. This is a great social improvement for him! He was yawning on the way to daycare this afternoon and stretched before he got out of the car. Always a good sign of a great school day!

I really have no idea how Quinten did. It’s 50-50 with that one. I talk to everyone about their day but I’m never sure if he’s telling me stories or the truth. Today he told me, “Time out. G tell me no.” Both of those things are very likely. They are things we do many times a day. I asked what he did, “Umm. Ummm.” He eventually told me he hit. And Maximus told me he was talking during nap time. Both are real possibilities.

I’m happy to report that I made my 5 am workout {in my living room}. I was pretty skeptical of myself given my history of back-to-work insomnia. All morning long I was on an exercise high and so glad I got up!

I brought in an egg bake for my team in what I called, “welcome back, I hope today isn’t as awful as you anticipated.” 😃 I also brought my healthy snacks and lunch so I wouldn’t have to be outside longer than possible during preschool pickup. Despite having a pretty bad sinus migraine all day, I got a lot accomplished on my first day back. {Like booking a flight to Florida for Saturday. Hello, procrastinator.}

After the boys went to bed, I pushed myself through the headache fog and made my lunch for tomorrow. {While answering at least four questions from the 4-year-old that comes up with at least one exercise per night to come back out. Two times tonight.} I’m pretty glad I planned out my lunches this week. It was a lot easier to read my sheet instead of using that painful head to think. I think I’ll incorporate that into my weekly meaning planning. I know, rock science over here.

Hope you had a good first day back to work or, if you’ve been back already, first Monday after the holidays.

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